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Celebration Assemblies 2019

Celebration Assembly


Friday 8th March




Well done: Whole class for a brilliantly executed class assembly!

Digby, Elisha, Olivia, Dan, Tolga


Star of the week: Cerys





Yellow Jersey nomination: ?? Find out Monday!


Friday 1st March




Well done: Isabelle, Josh, Tom, Olivia, Jayden

Star of the week: Digby




Yellow Jersey nomination(and winner!): Scarlett



Friday 15th February




Well done: Jess, Digby, Harry, Rosie, Jacob

Star of the week: Dan







Yellow Jersey nomination: Elisha



Friday 8th February




Well done: Cerys, Teigan, Scarlett, Josh, Olivia

Star of the week: Riley






Friday 24th January




Well done: Dan, Naishe, Digby, Riley, Tolga, Josh

Star of the week: Isabelle






Yellow Jersey nomination: CJ



Friday 18th January




Well done: Josh, Jacob, Rhiannon, Tom, CJ

Star of the week: Cerys







Yellow Jersey nomination (and winner!): Harry





Friday 11th January




Well done: Lucas, Isabelle, Tom, Elisha, Jess and Rosie

Star of the week: Scarlett






Yellow Jersey nomination (and winner!): Jacob