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Celebration assembly

Celebration assembly 29.03.19

Well done:

Grace - for settling into her new class so well.  It's like she's never been anywhere else!

Olivia - for amazing Guided Reading thinking and responses.

Jordan & Logan - for being supportive and helpful to each other this week.

Whole of Y5 - for a great end to the swimming season, and sensible approach to testing this week.


Star of the week:


- for being the student with the best attitude and approach to learning this week, even with all the kerfuffle created by testing.


Yellow Jersey winner:


- for being someone who is consistently positive in her approach to all learning - a real Reflective Ruby, a fantastic Reciprocity Rosie, a confident Resourceful warrior, and a real Mr. Resilience.


22 03 19

Well done:

Josh P, Jessica and Lilly for being great Reciprocity Rosies, when working with other children in the class.

Harry W - for never giving up, and sheer determination.


Star of the week:

Logan - for getting the message about 'What you put in, you get out'.


Yellow Jersey (winner)

Millie - for being mentioned by large numbers of adults in school this week for her attitude and determination to focus on her work and really make progress.

15 03 19

Well done:

Whole class for a great class assembly.

Stephanie - for effort and attitude.

Thomas - for some great 'Let's think' connections in English/History.

Kacey - for supporting others in work and emotionally.

Willow - excellent effort and greater confidence.


Star of the week:

Millie - for the fabulous effort she has been putting in this week.   Super, super star!


Yellow Jersey nominee.

Harry - For his dogged determination, and quietly getting things sorted.

08 03 19

Well done:

Lily                                  - for her consideration towards others and help with those who are struggling

Harry, Thomas, Olivia - for their reciprocity when working on an assembly project

Kacey                              - for her consistently positive approach to all her learning

Star of the week:

JoshP                              - for their achievements in the Rotary Club Writing competition this year.


Yellow Jersey nomination:

Kimberley                      - for continuously being a superhero and working hard, every week.  Without


01 03 2019


Jessica D:                   Consistent quality and approach to written work.  Excellent presentation

Mitchell D:                 Sensible and proactive approach to sports sessions.

Kimberley C               Regular presence on the TTrockstars page - nearly got to 60 in 60!



Lilly H                          Fabulous contributions to discussion, in Let's think, but particularly in English



Maddison D               Great week coping with the pressures of life in and out of the classroom.