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Isle of Wight 2015

Isle of Wight 2015 Residential

Once again, we have successfully returned from an exciting residential to the Isle of Wight. We have had some brilliant outings, culminating in a great final night at the beach. It has been a pleasure to get to know the children really well this past year and the residential clearly illustrates they are ready for secondary school. I have been really impressed with their behaviour all week and I have been equally impressed with the amount of sweets they were able to consume - I think we may have doubled the record from last year!


Hopefully the children have enjoyed the trip, after all where else would they be allowed to eat sweets before dinner every day? From climbing a castle wall, feeding a wallaby, stroking a penguin, swimming in the sea, going on rides time and time again, watching sweets being made and then trying them, watching glass blowing, cruising around the Needles, getting chased by ducks and being filmed by a professional camera man – could we have asked for more?


I will miss waking the children up in the most annoying ways possible and I’ll certainly miss controlling the shower temperatures for the boys. I suppose I should apologise for those of you who never did have a warm shower in the end!


Thank you to all the adults who came along to make the week so memorable and thank you to Year 6 for a fun filled week.


Best wishes

Mr Mills

Amazon World

The promotional DVD has finally come through - just eleven months on from Amazon World. What a fantastic experience you all had.

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