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Isle of Wight 2016

Now I have had the opportunity to catch up on some much needed sleep I have uploaded the remaining photographs of the week. The end of the residential is always met with relief as everyone is exhausted and looking forward to returning to their families, but also an element of sadness to know the excitement is over. It has been a pleasure to get to know the children really well this past year and the residential clearly illustrates they are ready for secondary school. I have been really impressed with their behaviour all week and I have been equally impressed with the number of children who gave things a try – whether that was food, the rides or stroking animals!


Reflecting back on the week we have certainly done a lot:


-Stroked an armadillo and iguana

-Tried to feed the most miserable wallabies in the United Kingdom

-Had a power cut in a zoo and got lost in the dark

-Paddled in the sea. Remember, if Mr O’Brien asks it was only a paddle.

-Swam on the sand

-Took a teddy on the ferry and nearly dropped it over board (Matilda)

-Stroked Mr Mills’ favourite bird at Amazon before upsetting him and causing him to fly off – Thanks a lot Ryan.

-Re-enacted the Titanic scene on the ferry (arms out at front of ship, not the sinking part!)

-Dug holes and filled them with children. If anyone is missing their child then do let us know as they may still be buried at Shanklin.

-Rode a swinging ship on a loop for five times without getting off the ride resulting in children and adults having to lie down afterwards.

-Watched a child purchase an animal tail and then refused to wear anything else all week (guess who!)

-Slid down slides at record speed.

-Got ice cream in our hair on the swinging bridges (Oscar)

-Rode a tractor train with genuine enthusiasm

-Got drenched on the Splash attack machine with Mr McKell and then getting told off by Mrs Steel for being wet.

-Overcome our fears of vampires at the ‘Fangtastic’ theatre show (Molly)

-Walked along the stunning cliff line at Alum Bay to the old Battery

-Climbed on everything we saw and nearly giving Mr Mills a heart attack (particularly Adam)

-Watched sweets being made whilst drooling over their floor

-Ignored water boundary rules on more than one occasion (Ram)

-Filled our own personal key ring with sands from Alum Bay beach

-Bought too many sweets and had to go back for a refund (Ben)

-Accidentally used inappropriate language on a rollercoaster (teacher has been disciplined)

-Called a rollercoaster a ‘rolocoaster’ (Ryan)

-Spun ridiculously fast on the spinning barrel ride at Blackgang

-Slid down water slides on boats

-Braved the choppy sea around the Needles in the pouring rain (Mrs Steel and Miss Andrews)

-Braved the choppy sea around the Needles in the warm and dry (Mrs Fifield, Mr McKell and Mr Mills)

​-Watched Charlie W throw up all over the coach. Watched Mrs Fifield clear up the mess. Enjoyed seeing Mr Mills take the credit for clearing up the sick.

-Moaned all week about a friction burn but then every time Mrs Steel asked the child he then said it was fine. Thanks a lot Charlie B.

-Mrs Steel discovered a monkey with blue private parts but instantly regretted sharing it with Adam as he went around shouting it all over the park.

-Stroked and fed a donkey

-Met a non-nocturnal owl

-Explored a castle


I will miss waking the children up in the most annoying ways possible and I’ll certainly miss controlling the shower temperatures for the boys. I suppose I should apologise for those of you who never did have a warm shower in the end!


Thank you to all the adults who came along to support throughout the week and to make it memorable and a fun filled week for all.


Remember, you have three school days left so please make the most of it.


Best wishes

Mr Mills


We are always looking for ways to improve our residentials. Please let us know what the children enjoyed the most and activities that we should look to replicate on other trips. Please also let us know if you feel we could improve on anything. I am particularly interested in your views of the website each day. Is this something that parents would like to see continued or would photographs uploaded after the trip be a more preferred option? And of course, anything else you would like to mention either positive or constructive criticism. We do value your opinions.