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Letters have gone home about Rock Steady lessons next academic year.


If you wish your child to learn an instrument with this organisation or Hampshire Music Service, please contact the school and ask to speak to Mrs Rossiter or Mrs Austin.

Does your child wish to learn a musical instrument?


There is a direct link between playing a musical instrument, and doing better in school.  It's obvious, really; children who practise regularly will develop the mindset of working regularly.  Children who practise to overcome a difficulty in their music pieces will have the mindset to overcome difficulties in their school work. 


If you wish your child to play an orchestral instrument, Hampshire Music Service offer the opportunity to learn.

Lessons can be individual, or as part of a group.  Initially they would be about 15 - 20 minutes long, once a week, but as your child progresses, longer lessons can be taken.  (The fees are adjusted dependent upon how many children in the group, or the length of the lessons.)

Ask Mrs Austin about it if you are interested.


If the inner rock star is fighting to get out of your son or daughter, then a Rock Steady tutor comes once a week, and children can learn keyboards, guitar and singing.  If you want to know more, ask at the school's reception desk.

Choir - music.


Here is the link to the youtube video of the music we are going to learn this term.


Letter from Alton Town Council ref: Yuletide Festival

Words for choir - Christmas performance 2018

Picture 1

Welcome to our New Year, and Newly Upgraded School.


Did you come and see choir sing on WOOTEY DAY?  I am looking forward to working with them this term, ready to sing their hearts out on a number of different occasions this term.


Meanwhile, once I have sorted them out, I hope to have a selection of pictures from this week's performance on this page, very soon.

Mrs A.

Choir sang their hearts out on Wootey Day!

On Wednesday 21st March this year, Y4 and Y5 are heading to Eggars school, for a BIG SING.


Parents are invited at 2.30pm, to come and watch the final performance, after a day of rehearsal.  We are very excited about the day.

Y5 had the opportunity to sing at Amery Hill March Madness. Our fifteen attendees sang, played and danced. They were fantastic!


What a great performance the choir gave to us!  There was a huge crowd surrounding them, and they sang beautifully.  Well done, everyone, for a really super effort.

Wootey Junior Choir attend Alton's Yuletide Fair

Wootey Junior Choir attend Alton's Yuletide Fair 1

Welcome to Wootey Junior School music page.

We will keep you informed and up to date about what is happening in our school, and how you can encourage the musician in your child, through Hampshire Music Service's instrumental tuition (after school at a local secondary) or Rocksteady's lessons in school.


We use the internet music programme 'Charanga', which your child can access from home.  Just ask his/her teacher for the password and username specific to your child, and away they can go, learning about instruments, how to compose, about different songs... yep, it's all there.


To see the music opportunities that we are able to give to our pupils, please scroll down.  There is a termly diary, along with pictures and the children's own reviews.



Yuletide Concert at Eggars.


On Wednesday 6th December, Year Five will be heading down to Eggars, for their annual Yuletide Concert.  It will be slightly different this year, as we will be rehearsing for and performing a local Junior schools number, too. 


Relatives are invited!  So why not come and join us (doors open at 11am for tea and biscuits) for the 11.30am concert.  We would love to have as many people as possible, to give the children a rousing cheer for their efforts.


See you there!

School Choir:

Autumn Term 2017

Yes, the school choir for this year has started up already, and, we are delighted to say, has already been 'booked' for two performances!

On the 7th November, (a Tuesday)  we will be heading to Westlands residential home, to entertain their guests with a short performance of different and engaging songs.

On Sunday 3rd December, we are delighted to be part of the Yuletide fair and market with a short performance from 1.20pm, by the Assembly Rooms.  The children are already rehearsing two lunchtimes a week, and are showing themselves to be very keen and in great voice.  I am always impressed by the quality of these young voices in singing assembly, and the choir (which is 20 strong) is no less beautiful to listen to.

We are open to more bookings over the year, so if you are interested in a short concert during the school day, please let us know, and we'll see what we can do for you.

Mrs A.

Do you want to learn a musical instrument?

Talk to Mrs Austin.  It is possible to have after school lessons at a local secondary school with the instrument of your choice.

Percussion Group (Y5) practising their tubes piece for the Alton Schools Performance on 27th March 2017

Percussion Group (Y5) practising their tubes piece for the Alton Schools Performance on 27th March 2017 1
Percussion Group (Y5) practising their tubes piece for the Alton Schools Performance on 27th March 2017 2
Percussion Group (Y5) practising their tubes piece for the Alton Schools Performance on 27th March 2017 3

Christmas production 2016.

The words for your children to learn are below.

I will also put them on the class pages.

Mrs Austin

Y3 Christmas words

Y4 Christmas words

Y5 words

Y6 words

Three songs for the whole school

Choir only

Dart-Frog class visit Amery Hill for a Gamelan workshop.

Music Calendar 2016-2017


Tuesdays - Recorder Club 3.15 - 4.15pm

Thursdays - Singing assembly 2.45 - 3.10pm

Fridays - Choir at lunchtime in Cobra class.


Autumn Term 2016:

29/09/16: Sam Banks - Piano demonstration in Singing assembly

06/10/16: Sam Banks - Flute demonstration in Singing assembly

13/10/16: Harvest assembly

17/10/16: Dart-Frog visit Amery Hill for Gamelan Workshop.

20/10/16: Sam Banks - Violin demonstration

20/10/16: Whole school - Sing Off - pupils only.  (Y4 won the competition with a rousing rendition of Mamma Mia, which had the whole school joining in the chorus.  Well done to Y4 for a 2nd successive win!)

31/10/16: Cobra visit Amery Hill for Gamelan Workshop.

07/11/16: Toucan visit Amery Hill for Gamelan Workshop.

21/11/16: Macaw visit Amery Hill for Gamelan Workshop.

08/12/16: Y4/5 Yuletide concert at Eggars - a.m.

12/12/16: Whole school - Evening Christmas concert at Alton College - 6-6.40pm.

14/12/16: Rock Steady concert: Parents of Rock Steady pupils are invited.

14/12/16: Whole school - Afternoon Christmas concert at Wootey Junior School - 2.30 - 3.10pm


Spring Term 2017:

16/2/17:  Whole school - Sing Off - pupils only.

13/3/17:  Y5 - Big Sing at the Anvil, Basingstoke. Pupils only.  1.15pm - 2.30pm

06/04/17:  Whole school - Sing Off - pupils only.


Summer Term 2017:

25/5/17:  Whole school - Sing Off - pupils only.

dates tbc: Y6 Leavers production

dates tbc: Y3/4/5 Summer production




A report from our the children:


After many months of practising the Mary Rose songs, the day finally came when we performed them at the Royal Albert Hall.  We travelled to London on a coach along with children from other Alton schools and made our way to the beautiful venue.


Afternoon rehearsals took place and then we had a brief look around the Science Museum, before returning to the Royal Albert Hall to do the real performance.  We also performed in the fantastic finale which we were not expecting.


As the audience gradually arrived, we were so nervous when we saw how many people actually came to watch! The evening was just amazing.  We performed our songs for about 25 minutes and then were able to watch and listen to different Orchestras, Choirs, Musicians and Dancers from across the South of England.


After the finale, a huge net exploded from the ceiling releasing hundreds of colourful balloons down in to the audience.


We are so glad that we have experienced what it is like to be part of such an amazing Proms night in such a famous building.