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Seahorses: 2014-2015

Welcome to Seahorse's class page!


On this page you will find pictures of the children and their work. You will also be able to get a copy of your child's homework and spellings for the week. 

On Tuesday 21st October year 5 visited Butser Ancient Farm to learn about the Iron and Roman ages!

The children thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Butser Ancient Farm, despite battling the tail end winds of  hurricane! We began our day with an introductory talk. We were sat inside one of the farm's roundhouses and experienced what life would have been like for individuals during the Iron Age. Next the year group were split into two groups and were led by the sites instructors through their day of activities.


One of the activities was archaeology. The children worked carefully to excavate artefacts. They then had to think carefully about what era the artefacts came from. There were a few red herrings to catch them out!


Next was a villa tour. When the Romans came to Britain, they brought with them their building skills. The children soon realised that the Romans were far more advanced than the Celts.


In the afternoon the children made their own Roman jewellery and learnt how buildings were built using a method called clunching.


We were very proud of year 5 for their amazing behaviour. The farm praised our school for being one of the best groups they had had at the farm in a while.


Check out Starfish page for more photos. Miss Henderson's camera ran out of battery!


Thank you to the parents for your on going support and for funding your children to attend.



Ansety park - watching the firing of a WWI gun

Ansety park -  watching the firing of a WWI gun 1

Our first PE lesson. We were fortunate to have three teachers: Miss Henderson, Miss Wall and Mrs Vine. Starfish and Seahorse classes showed off their 3 netball passes: bounce pass, overarm and chest pass. Can you identify which is being used in each photo?

Seahorse class!

Seahorse class! 1
Seahorse class! 2
Seahorse class! 3
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