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Wootey Infant and Junior Schools are closed to pupils from the end of the day on Friday 20th March 2020.


Thank you for your support and understanding at this time. Please remember that we remain a Wootey Community and will be communicating with you via email, the blog and text during the time school is closed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - When will you be re-opening?

A - Technically, we have been open since day one! Our staff have worked tirelessly to provide education for our key worker children from 7.45am to 5.30pm each day. We have been open throughout the entire Easter holidays as well as days in May half term. We have hand delivered over 300 learning packs, 280 lunches and responded to more than 1000 comments on the Wootey Blog and SeeSaw. We have printed 600 home learning packs so far, provided over 50 prizes for exceptional work submitted and uploaded more than 50 videos in our video section. 


...but in answer to your question, Year 6 children will be able to return from Monday 1st June. Children of key worker parents are also able to attend. 


Q - Who is currently eligible to return to school on Monday 1st June?

A - Children of key workers will continue to be allocated a place. Children in Year 6 are also now able to return. Please ensure you contact the school office before sending in your child. 


Q - Can my child attend part time?

A - For the vast majority of our pupils this will not be suitable. Children are placed into groups for consistency and to ensure continuity of learning, pupils will need to be in school every day. 


Q - Does my child need to wear school uniform?

A - Yes. Key worker children must also wear school uniform as of Monday 1st June.


Q - Will you be offering school dinners?

A - Yes but please allow flexibility in terms of menu. HC3S, our catering company, will not be following the Summer menu. Please contact the school office if you would like to find out the lunch options.


Q - What can my child bring into school?

A - We are asking children to only bring in essential items required for the day. If a child brings in a pencil case, it will remain in school and not go home each evening. Toys or sport equipment must not be brought into school.


Q - Is my child still allowed to bring in their mobile phone?

A - Children must hand their mobile phone to their group leader. For the vast majority of pupils, they will not require a phone at the moment and should be discouraged from bringing them in.


Q - Is the morning break tuck shop still open?

A - No. Children will not have the opportunity to purchase healthy snacks at present.


Q - How do I talk to the group leader, leadership team or someone in the office?

A - Please phone the school office or talk to a member of the leadership team at the gate. Where possible, teachers will aim to respond to your queries but please allow extra time for this.


Q - How do I pay for lunches or trips?

A - Please use the online facility on our school website. There will be a secure box located at the entrance gate between 8.30-9.15am but please use this sparingly. 


Q - Is the breakfast and after school clubs open for all pupils?

A - Regrettably not. As of Monday 1st June we are unable to run any before or after school provision. 


Q - Is the Isle of Wight trip going ahead? If not, will I be entitled to a refund?

A - Mr Mills and Mrs Rossiter will be in contact with parents to issue a majority refund. 


Q - Is the PGL trip going ahead? If not, will I be entitled to a refund?

A - Mr Mills has emailed parents to confirm the change of date to September 2020. 


Q - My child has finished the pack, what else can I do with them?

A - The class page will have some activities on. Use the blog to find more activities and interact with the school! 


Q - I can't view all the file types on the website

A - Where possible, teachers will upload files as a PDF document as this is usually the best way to view across a variety of platforms. Parents can use apps to convert PDF to Word online if they would like to be able to edit these files. 


Q - Help! Where do I find my child's home learning?

A - There are 4 areas you need to be aware of and each has a slightly different function. 


Year Group Pages

This is where you will find the files for the activities set by teachers. INSTRUCTIONS for the expectations and tasks can be found on the weekly task post on the Wootey Blog.


Wootey Blog

Each week Year 3 will find their work posted by Mrs Lawrence, Year 4 by Mr Blake, Year 5 by Mr Mills and Year 6 by Mr Wallis. The year group's post will outline the expected work to be completed for that week. Please use the navigation column on the right hand side to find your child's teacher to view their posts.


Any other posts or challenges on the blog are for all children to engage with but they are optional. Children are encouraged to dip in and out of tasks.


Printed Home Learning Pack

Parents will receive a text to order their child's next home learning pack. We plan to issue these to parents twice per half term. The pack will include the English writing task as well as ideas for craft activities.


All other learning tasks will be uploaded weekly to the Year Group pages.



This is to submit the writing work for the class teacher to provide feedback to your child.



Child friendly way to explain the virus

Phased Reopening in June