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Week beginning 4th January 2021

The first unit for this term is diary writing. You should be able to do this very well after the Excitable Edgar work!

We look forward to reading your excellent writing!

Good luck.

Before we get to the writing we need to focus on some of the grammar we need to be really successful...


For the first session you need to look at the ppt.

Then you need to complete one of the tasks and upload for feedback.

Lesson 2: Choosing appropriate pronouns so you don't repeat yourself and learning about possessive pronouns.


Use the link below for lesson 2. You will also need paper and a pencil.




Further Challenge. Please email if you require a paper copy.

Lesson 3: Fronted Adverbials

Follow the lesson about fronted adverbials on BBC Bitesize.

Lesson 4 and 5:

Can you use your skills, particularly the fronted adverbials in your writing this week?