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Friday 15th July 2016


Hey guys, just looked at the pictures from Thursday and they look fab; it looks like all of you are having fun in the videos. Say bye to Miss Andrews for me and I will see all of you at 4 - or whenever you come back. By the way Mr Mills, I spent 2 hours this morning tidying the P.E cupboard this morning and now it's spotless; you will be impressed!


An update on what we have been doing:
Monday- Designing our own restaurant whilst listening to music.

Tuesday- helping Mrs Clarke paint some Wootey ghosts for their production: Thriller, which I helped children memorise the dances.

Wednesday- We continued helping making Wootey ghosts for the morning and in the afternoon we finished off our restaurant.

Thursday-We made a poster about moving up to year 6 for the year 5s and also me and Samantha went to a maths group with Miss Law-We and I thrashed both of them at a game of snaps. I won by over 50 points lol.

Patryk's Mum:

Hi Patryk, Friday today it's time for you to come home! Not sure if you are excited as much as I am. Big thank you to teachers team for looking after year 6. Just a little reminder, please pack only your own clothes not the one you like ;)) and of course don't forget my present ;) Really looking forward to having you back home.
Love and big hugs



Charlie W's Mum:

 Hi Charlie, it looks as though you all had a great day at Blackgang Chine, and finally I got to see those gorgeous legs of yours, mind you the shorts were on the bottom of the pile so I didn't expect you to hunt for them, lol, enjoy Carisbrooke castle, and I will see you when you get home, I cannot wait to hear your stories, love you so much, Mum xxxxxxxxxx Safe journey home everyone xxxx


Alice's Mum:

Good morning Alice,

We have all missed you lots and love looking at the photos.  Wally and Flash are waving their paws to say Hello and Fennel and Camomile are wondering where you have gone. Nana and Auntie Debbie want to say hello to you too and are going to see you next week.

Dada sends a big squidge and asks have you met anyone called "Trevor" who lives on Isle of Wight?


Fran's Mum:

 I just want to take this opportunity to say a massive thankyou to all of the teachers and helpers that you can so clearly see from the photos have really gone that extra mile to give the children a fantastic holiday !!! If this is being read out on the coach, children don't forget to say a big thankyou !!!
The daily blogs and photos have been brilliant and I look forward to hearing all about it from Fran tonight. You probably all need a holiday to get over this one........ What a lovely way to end their time at Wooteys.
Thanks again


Charlie B's Mum:

Hey Charlie well it's Wednesday and your still there so lm assuming your behaving we miss you lots but as u can guess ,jack is making up for it ..oh before l forget , remember mummy's keyring lol .have fun and enjoy every minute xxx


Patryk's Mum:

Hi Patryk hope you are going to have another lovely day, love  the pictures and the funny comments in Mr Mill's blog.
It's very quiet in the house without you -really miss you loads
Cant wait to see you
Love mum


Ashton's Mum and Dad:

Hey Ashton were missing you like crazy the house is very odd without you !! Have seen all the pictures you look so happy and I'm so pleased your enjoying ureself !! Love the one with you buried in the sand !! Typical of you 😂!! Hope you have a great day today ! Can't wait to see you Friday ! Shapelle and Neveya miss you too xx love you lots lots of love all of us 💙xx


Ashton's Nan:

 Hi Ashton it's nanny I'm glad your enjoying your time on the Isle of white I'm very proud of you and I love you very much. See you soon love nanny xx 

Fran's Mum:

 Morning Schmububs!!! Wow Fran looks like you are all having an amazing time, loving all the pictures and Mr Mills updates !! Glad to see you in a clean tshirt but please don't wear those trousers all week...... We are all missing you loads, even Taylor !!! The house is so weird without you in it. Dad is making me a cup of tea every morning in your mugs !!  Enjoy every moment and can't wait to hear all about it on Friday !!! Got to go now and choose my next game to play on your Xbox !!! Lots and lots of love Mum, Dad, Taylor, Jess and Leila xx ps don't forget it's my birthday Sunday .... hint hint 😉


Ellie's Mum:

Hi Ellie,well your holiday is nearly over and I just wanted to say how happy we are to have you back tomorrow.The house has been very quiet and Connor has even said he's missed you,but what i think he means is he's enjoyed not hearing you having a go at him all the time lol.
We all got our lovely postcards today.
Well safe journey home tomorrow all of you.Ellie you have to return to Aunty duties when you get back as Connor has even changed baby George's nappy yes it's true,while you have been away and we all know you don't like him doing things you haven't done you lots like jelly tots love Mummykins xxx


Miss Andrew's Mum:

Saw photo of you asleep on coach!  Are they wearing you out! Looks like everyone is having fun.


Niamh's Dad:

Hope you're having a good time on the place where I used to work!
It seems you've nicked all our Sun for your beach visits, so enjoy the surf. Have a great time and say hello to Bembridge for me.
See you soon, Love Dad x


Will and Molly's Mum:

Hi Will and Molly, enjoy your last day on the island. We can't wait see you tomorrow and hear all about your adventures.
Love Mum and Dad xxx