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Monday/Tuesday messages
Wow, it looks like you are all having a fantastic time. Please tell Luke-Joy it is very quiet here without him. We all miss you so much. Continue having a brilliant time everyone xx 
From the Ade-Trotkins




Wow, what a fun filled first day you've had! Hope you all have a dry second day with even more learning (?) at Paultons Park. My fingers are crossed that someone brings the forgotten bag and that Mr Mckell doesn't have to borrow Mrs Vincent's spare knickers!!



Hi looks like everyone is having fun please could you pass a message on to Tiegan, that me and the dogs miss her lots an to enjoy rest of the week thank you




Looks like all of you are having g a great time..can't wait to hear all about it when you get home Liam. Hope Paulton wasn't too wet! We miss you lots and look forward to seeing pictures of is missing you Liam but loves it that she's in charge of the telly now! !!

Have fun all  of you. X

Mrs Vaughan



Looks like you are all having a good time so far. Hope you all enjoyed Paultons Park today.
Missing you love Mum, Isabelle and Dad




Flossie and Will,


You both look like you are having such an amazing time. I am a little bit jealous – I have to spend the whole time with mummy, daddy and Steve!!

Have an awesome time, enjoy every minute, make amazing memories and remember that we will all be here waiting to hear about everything when you come home!!


Lots and lots of love

Auntie Siâni xxx xxx




Looks like you’re having tons of fun and it all sounds great! Thanks for the photos and running comment, Mr Mills!
We are doing our best to have a good time without Karla J – but don’t think we’ll be able to match your week at Stubbington (it is a bit boring around here without her...). We sincerely hope Mr McKell has found some underwear and a toothbrush and that Mrs Vincent is enjoying her mini fridge!
Can’t wait to hear all about your week!
Karla’s Mum and Dad 




Looks like they are all having fun nice looking at all the photos. Hope faith is not missing us to much . Love mum (faith groomes mum ) and little brother bob who is missing you lots xxxxx




Looks like you are having a lovely time! I hope your raincoat has reached you in time for your trip. Missing you loads - house is very quiet! Lots of Love from Mummy Matt Daisy & Jodie xxxxxx




We are loving the pictures 

It looks like your all having a great time 
And I'm sure Andrew was pleased to have chicken nuggets for tea last night 
Have fun and keep the pictures coming 




Sounds like you've had a great first day at Stubbington - loving all the smiley face photos :) Hope you let George out of the Eeyore House in time for dinner ;) #George'sMum xx

Kind regards



"Looks like you're having a great time, can't wait to hear all about your day at Paultons -don't get too wet!!"

Lots of love Flossie and Will's Mum





"Just wanted to say that Beth and I have been looking at your photos this morning and it looks like you are having a fab time!! Beth has said that your rooms are better than the one she stayed in in Italy!!

Hope you all enjoy the rest of the week. Please tell Caitlin that we miss her and are incredibly proud of her - the house is very quiet without her!!!  Have fun!!"


Debbie and Beth Scott

Wednesday messages

Hi All, Looks like your all having a fantastic time, please can you pass on a message to Chelsea, that at home it's far too quiet and that Amelia and mum are missing her so much. We can't wait to see you in some photos and I hope your camera isn't too full of selfies with your friends.
Enjoy your time, sending lots of love mum and mills. xXxX



You all look like you're having a good time.  I hope the rain didn't spoil your day yesterday, I'm sure it didn't!  I am looking forward to seeing more photos soon.  The weather looks better now for the rest of the week so enjoy yourselves and I look forward to hearing all about it when you get back.



Hi Phoebe,
Hope you didn't get too wet yesterday!
How are you doing? We all miss you.
Love from Katie , Joe and Poppy😀



Hi All, Loving the updates and pictures. Looks amazing and that your all having fun. Don't worry Jessica I've managed to keep your sisters out of your room! Missing you lots, love mum, dad and girls. X



Great job on the updates Mr Mills, its so nice to see everyone having fun!
Abbie it's just too weird here without you, we all miss you but so happy to see that you're having a good time :) Poppy has got lots of spots now and is doing her cross face a lot! Enjoy every minute! Can't wait to see you xxx



Hi Callum
Looks like you had a great time at Paultons Park and Wednesday's activities looked great fun. Like the picture of you when the red space dropped in the water it made me chuckle.
We are all missing you here. Keep having fun and see you soon.
Love Mum, Dad, Isabelle and Iggy 



Hi All!
We hope you are all still having a super time, we absolutely love seeing the photos of what you've been doing. Enjoy the rest of your time at Stubbington. Looking forward to seeing that coach arriving back at the school tomorrow.
We miss you loads Reuben xx



You all look like you are having a fantastic time. Paultons Park looked great fun.
Keep enjoying yourselves.
Mum, Dad, Isabelle and Iggy 



Hello Rosie,


We hope you are having a nice time and have avoided the rain.


Looking forward to seeing you soon when you return home.


Lots of love from Granny and Granddad xxx



Photo's look good, looks like your having lots of fun Charlie. Looking forward to seeing you on Friday.
Love Mum & Dad


Looks like Becky is having an amazing time, loving all the photos you are posting of Year 6. Glad the weather is holding out for you all.
Enjoy the rest of the week and big hugs and love to Becky from her mummy Xx



 Paultons Park looked like loads of fun, can't wait to see the next instalment!
Can't believe It's Wednesday already -only two more sleeps 😢 Lots of love Flossie and Will's Mum



Love all the photos and you all look like you are enjoying yourselves as there are lots of happy smiling faces!
Luke, enjoy everyday with your friends, take lots of photos and have a wonderful time.
Looking forward to seeing you on Friday and hearing all about your adventures, lots of love, Mum, Dad, Ben the dog, Echo the Gecko, and all the Guinea pigs! Xxxx.



Hi Lily, looks like you are having an amazing time! Joseph says he doesn't miss you, but he asked where you were yesterday! (He secretly misses you really!)Both Dad and I miss you, it's very quiet without you, and can't wait to hear all your stories when you come back home. No one can convince me that the sea is anything less than freezing! Hope you and your friends enjoy the rest of the week's adventures. #evenmoresmileyfaces. Love Mum xxxx



Hi Ellis, it is way too quiet here without you!  It looks like you are having a great time, although you need to stop dodging the camera, as we want to see more pictures of you having fun and it'd be nice to see your room too.  I'm glad the rain has dryed up.  The activities look good.  We can't wait to see you and hear all about it, but make the most of the last few days.  Love Mum



Well,  we've looked at every photo and you all look like you are having the BEST time, even the grown ups!!

It's very quiet at home without you Reuben, and we can't wait for you to come home on Friday, and Mr Rusty Pants misses you too.

Enjoy the rest of the week everyone.

Melanie and Matt 



 I'm crying! Not with any sadness but at the hilarious photos from your adventures (Mrs Hodge)



Please remember to steal me a badger, children. (Mrs Manston)




Thursday messages