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Monday 11th July 2016

36 children and 4 adults off for a week of sun, sea and exploration – what could possibly go wrong? Well…we had only been gone two minutes when a call came from the back of the coach, “I don’t think I have packed any spare underwear”. We wouldn’t mind except the culprit was Mr McKell! In addition to the pants disaster, Mrs Fifield has spilt coffee all over the coach curtains – don’t ask, we don’t know either! I’m sat in agony after trying to lift Mrs Steel’s incredibly heavy suitcase on to the coach; we did say not to pack the kitchen sink!


I am sorry to inform you all of the poor standards of geography I am hearing. Once I have posted this blog I am going to phone Miss Andrews to tell her off as she has clearly not taught any Geography this year - seeing as some children were expecting us to drive north towards Manchester to catch the ferry!


On a more serious note, thank you to all of those who were able to stay and wave the coach off. The children will have a fabulous week and we will try to keep you updated as frequently as we can.


Oh, in case you weren’t aware…..Miss Andrews is joining us on Wednesday for the rest of the week as she is meeting her new class today at Four Marks.

Those of us who have done this trip for a few years expected some entertaining quotes this week but we didn't expect staff to be the first to start the tally score: "Was that lightning?" (after a photograph was taken).


At 10am we boarded the ferry. Mr McKell is adamant that he saw a penguin, a hippo and a flamingo as we crossed the Solent. Some of the children believe they have seen the lochness monster – another worrying geography statement, Miss Andrews and Mrs Steel.


One child (who shall remain nameless) asked whether the coach was coming with us on the ferry! Said child then asked how long the ferry was – we gave the answer in feet and inches – not quite what he wanted. Another child, a girl this time, asked whether people actually lived on the Isle of Wight – sighs.


After a safe and timely ferry crossing, we arrived on the island in high spirits. None of the children were seasick – or at least nobody owned up to throwing up in the Solent. As far as we can tell, nobody fell overboard but we will do a second head count later on just to check. Driving off the ferry, “It looks just like England” – strike 3 on the geography front.


After experiencing the adventure playground we went into Amazon World, weaving in and out of the different animal areas - tropical birds, monkeys, sloths (not Smurfs!), ocelots, armadillos, anteaters, fish and various parrots! Mrs Fifield was extremely relieved to avoid any animals of the winged variety and was well protected by her group! We almost managed to spend longer in the amazing gift shop than Amazon World itself and made the shop a small fortune with the gifts we purchased.


After dinner we headed for the beach! Arriving at the sandy stretch of coastline, children reacted to the news that they had more than an hour to play on the sand and paddle in the sea with the following questions:


"How do we paddle?"
"What do we do if our feet get sand on them?"
"What do I do if I don't like sand?"


Those same children were soon having the best of times burying each other in the sand, building sandcastles, paddling in the sea and playing volleyball. Paddling in the sea took on a new dimension with one child removing trainers but keeping their socks on, while another didn't bother with the removal of trainers.

Sweepstakes will be taken by the leaders later regarding wake up times in the morning knowing that we are down for a 7:30am breakfast slot ... We will report the outcome tomorrow.



Charlie Batchelor's Mum:

Hey Charlie B, l hope you have a fantastic time and we are all going to miss you, but don't worry mummy will give you a big cuddle and kiss when you get back xx


Chloe Jenkin's Mum:

Have a  fab few deserve a holiday after all your hard work this year - well done to you all for being who you are and rising to the challenge! 

Also, congratulations on an amazing production last week too - it was phenomenal.


Ellie's Mum:

Hi Ellie, I hope your having a great time Connor and I miss you already and it's very quiet lol.
Baby George sends wet sloppy kisses. Lots of love and big hugs xxxx


Ashton's Mum and Dad:

Hi Ashton, hope your having a lovely time and a great birthday!! We all miss you very much! Neveya keeps looking for you 😆 !! Shapelle on the other hand is pretending she's not missing you but secretly we know she is 😂!! Hope you have all had a great first day will message you soon !! Enjoy yourself! We're very proud of you xx lots of love all of us xx ❤️X 


Molly and Will's Nana:

 Hi WillMo!  I hope you enjoyed being on the beach yesterday evening and that the water wasn't too cold.  Have fun and here is a word of advice:- SPAGHETTI.   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love nana n grandad


Courtney's Mum:

Hope your having a lovely time. Missing her popadoo. Missing big hugs and kisses. Hope u taking ur medicine X 


Nathan's Mum:

Hello, hope you are all having a wonderful time. Eat lots of ice cream and enjoy the sunshine...
Miss you lots Nathan - the house is too quiet without you.
Mum and Dad x


Leah's Mum:

 Hi Leah, glad you have all got there safe and I'm missing you already but have a great time you deserve it. Love you to the moon and back from mum xxxx


Charlie W's Mum:

 So glad to hear that you have arrived at your hotel, sounds as though you have had a busy first day!! We are all missing you lots already, Buddy isn't quite sure what to do with himself, hope you have the most amazing week, enjoy making memories with your friends, and remember that deodorant ha ha!! Love you millions and gazillions, mum xxxxxxxxxx


Edward's Mum:

Hi Edward. Hope you have a fabulous week. Can't wait to hear all about it on Friday. Lots of love from  Mum, Dad, Jodie, Greg and Marcus. xxxx


Will and Molly's Mum:

 Hi Molly and Will, we hope you're having a good time and have still got some sweets left!?? It's very quiet here without you both.
Lots of love Mum and Dad xxx


Fran's Mum:

Hi Fran, just wanted to say hope you have a fantastic time and I'm missing you already !!! And no I didn't cry..... Well maybe a tiny bit !! Anyway don't want to embarrass you, so will just say bye for now Fra Fra Boggins, Frandango, Boo boo Baroo xx Oh and nearly forgot love you Schmububs 🙈😂😀👍🏻


Ryan's Sister:

Hi Ryan, it's Gem your big sister here hope you have a fantastic time and enjoy yourself can't wait to see you on Friday when you come home once again I want to say how proud I am of you and how far you have come, yours sats results were amazing love you xxx


Ryan's Dad:

 Hi ya Matey, i am sure with all your mates you are having a total blast, make sure every experience this week you enjoy to the Max..You deserve this  break after some hard weeks with Sats and Production,,, Probs have a Chinese tonight but do not worry we will order your fav dish and eat it for you too.. Lots of love Dad and Mum xx