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We’re off! It was lovely to see so many parents wish us, ‘bon voyage’ for an exciting week away.


We are now heading southbound eating lots of sweets at half past nine. We are all enjoying ourselves and looking forward to lunch. Mrs Steel is in charge of the coach tunes, Miss Wall is handing out library books, Mrs McPherson is trying to remember whether she packed her hairdryer, Mrs Fifield already needs the toilet and Mr McKell is asleep at the back of the coach.


The experienced members of staff expected some entertaining quotes this week but we didn't expect staff to be the first to start the tally score: "Was that lightning?" (after a photograph was taken). The humorous quotes from the children did begin when one child asked if we will have to go on the coach again after the ferry.


At 11.30am we boarded the ferry. Mr McKell had his passport ready which struck panic amongst the children as they frantically started checking their rucksacks in the hope their parents had packed it! Fortunately, border control didn’t seem to be that concerned – it’s almost like the Isle of Wight is not abroad.


After a safe and timely ferry crossing, we arrived on the island in high spirits. None of the children were seasick – or at least nobody owned up to throwing up in the Solent. As far as we can tell, nobody fell overboard but we will do a second head count later on just to check. Mr McKell claimed he saw a pirate ship on the journey but we’re not convinced.


The children enjoyed the trip to Carisbrooke Castle, in particular the dungeon where King Charles I was imprisoned. We won’t name and shame children who did not know who King Charles I was but one adult was mortified with his groups’ responses. The highlight of the castle was meeting the famous donkey ..... and of course lunch!


Sweepstakes will be taken by the leaders later regarding getting up times in the morning knowing that we are down for a 7:30am breakfast slot ... We will report the outcome tomorrow.


Something tells me that this is going to be a very long week!


Best wishes

Mr Mills


"Hi Nah Nay I really miss you, from Tanaka xx" (Tinashe's Mum)


"To Jack, Hope you all got to the Isle of Wight ok and have had lots of fun already. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures and hearing all about the trip. Love Mum. x"  (Jack's Mum)


"Can you tell Lucas he left Mr Snuggles behind!!! Hope you all have a fab week!" (Lucas' Mum)


"What fantastic pictures, thank you Mr Mills. I cant believe how grown up you all look. Miss you lots is very quite:)xx " (Jamila's Mum)


"Get the Bacon, Egg and Sausage ready in the morning for me. Hope everyone sleeps well tonight!" (Mr O'Brien)


"Evening all glad u all got there ok,u all look like your having fun.. night Allana love mum xx " (Allana's Mum)


"Love the pictures! Have fun Alisha and smile!! We love you and miss you already!! Enjoy IOW xx " (Alisha's Mum)


"You look like your having a great time Luke. Mila keeps saying I miss my Pukananna. Lil is sleeping in you room guarding your Xboxs from the twins. Your Dad is lonely without you xxxx" (Luke's Mum)


"Hello Evie, looks like you are having a great time! Missing you already. Looking forward to seeing what you're doing tomorrow. Lots of love Mum, Dad and Billy xXx " (Evie's Mum)


"Hi all, lovely to see the fantastic photos. You all look like you are having a great time. Ashton you look so happy, love to see you smile, miss you already! Have a good night's sleep & enjoy yourself. Lots of love from Mum, Dad and Brandy xXx :o) " (Ashton's Mum)