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Orangutan Class

Friday 23rd October 2020

Well done to...

Salam for using her sounds to blend and read unknown words.

Thomas for applying his understanding to arithmetic questions independently.

Cain, Lilley-May and Isla for their well written fact files about wolves.

Raiden and Evelyn for using the correct vocabulary when grouping animals based what they eat.


Star of the week...

Ryan for always trying his best and showing resilience and perseverance in all his learning.


Friday 16th October 2020

Well done to...

Thomas and Salam for working very hard to learn the songs fro harvest

Lottie-Mai for listening well to feedback and remembering to leave space between her writing. 

Cain and Rishi for seeking the challenge in maths when solving missing number problems.

Isabelle for being helpful around the classroom

Ty for trying his hardest to stay focused

Isla for her independent maths work on subtraction. 


Star of the week...

Lilly Murrell for always trying her best and being a great friend to others. 


Friday 9th October 2020

Well done to...

Evie-Rose for always helping to keep th class clean and tidy. 

Mason for his focus during reading comprehension

Samuel for using a variety of conjunctions in his writing. 

Thomas for his focus and contribution during science.


Star of the week..

Salam for being much more positive during learning time and fro independently using her sounds to spell words. 


Friday 25th September 2020

Well done to...

Evelyn for persevering with her number recognition and recall. 

Isabelle for being a reflective Ruby and independently self-correcting her writing. 

Scarlett for always being kind and caring towards other children. 

Ryan for settling back to school life well and trying his best. 

Evie-Rose for being a good friend and looking out for others. 


Star of the week...

Rishi for being resilient in his learning and always seeking the challenge. 



Friday 18th September 2020

Well done to...

Evelyn for settling in well after returning to school.

Thomas for persevering with English.

Salam for her perseverance in maths

Mason for seeking the challenge in maths.

Scarlett, Lilly M, Isla, Isabelle, Lottie-May, Harley, Ty and Rishi for making a great stat to their reading journals and reading 5 times a week or more. 


Star of the week...

Harley for showing  qualities of Mr resilience by never giving up. 


Friday 11th September 2020

Well done to...

The whole class for impressing us with how well they have settled into 'Wootey life'.

Harley, Rishi and Cain for their positive attitude towards all learning tasks and showing great reciprocity during our team challenges. 

Lottie-May for always being ready to work.

Samuel for his perseverance and resilience during the paper chain activity. 

Lilly Murral for her kindness towards others and always being willing to help. 

Scarlett for being supportive, encouraging and a brilliant role model to the new year 3s.


Star of the week...

Mila for her exemplary manners and always being extremely respectful. We have also been blown away by her fantastic writing and artistic skills.