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Friday 28th February 2020

Well done to...

Florence, Scarlett and Sheldon for their perseverance when learning to tell the time. 

Abbie and Josh for seeking the challenge in maths.

Tyson for working hard to use his joined up writing

Freddie for his extra home learning and enthusiasm for science

Bella for being super resilient. 


Star of the week...

Kadie for her improved attitude, concentration and listening in all areas of her learning. 


Yellow Jersey Nomination...

Rylan for showing many acts of kindness toward his peers and always looking out for others. 


Friday 7th February 2020

Well done to...

Maddie and Murray for being the first children in the class to be on gold 25 times. 

Oscar for his perseverance with perimeter. 

Josh, Maisie Abbie, Abigail and Charisa for their focus, concentration and resilience when playing the glockenspiel in music. 


Star of the week...

Kadie for her improved focus in maths and accuracy in arithmetic


Yellow Jersey Nomination...

Finley for always following our school rules, a fantastic attitude towards his learning, being a super team player and being reflective when editing his narrative. 



Friday 31st January 2020

Well done to...

Maisie, Kyrie, Sophie and Tonylee and Bella for a great start to their narratives. 

Jake for his growth in enthusiasm and independence. 

Callum for his thoughtful contributions during reading comprehension. 


Star of the week...

Sheldon for great resilience and perseverance in all ares this week. 


Yellow Jersey Nomination...

Olivia for her super behaviour and extra effort and dedication towards her home learning. 


Friday 24th January 2020

Well done to...

Scarlett for her range in vocabulary when writing descriptive sentences. 

Charisa for her positivity in maths and believing in herself. 

Joshua for attempting to use 'show not tell' in his writing. 

Jake for independently applying his sounds to his writing and reading.

Tonylee for his listening and responding skills in music.


Star of the week...

Maddie for her contributions in class discussions and not being afraid to have a go. 


Yellow Jersey Nomination...

Maisie for her outstanding behaviour and also looking to push herself and seek the challenge. 


Friday 18th January 2020

Well done to...

Charisa, Abilgail, Murray and Olivia for completing book reviews as part of the reading for pleasure scheme. 

Tonylee for working hard on his instruction writing and including all the features. 

Maddie for trying hard during guided reading. 


Star of the Week...

Tyson for working hard all week to complete all learning tasks. Also, for some great description when writing his instructions. 


Yellow Jersey nomination...

Abigail for always being ready to learn and trying her best in everything she does. She has also grown in confidence and will always try to seek the challenge. 


Friday 10th January 2020

Well done to...

Abigail for her neat presentation in maths

Jake fo his perseverance and positivity in maths.

Callum for his perseverance and resilience finding fractions of amounts. 

Sheldon for his participation and enthusiasm when discussing properties of different rocks in science. 


Star of the week...

Oscar for always trying his best, applying the phonics sounds he has learnt and working hard on his letter formation. 


Yellow Jersey Nomination...

Scarlett for always following the school rules, her positive contributions to class discussions and consistently being a 'reflective Ruby'; particularly when trying to extend and improve her vocabulary in written tasks. 


Friday 13th December 2019

Well done to...

Kyrie for always being kind and helpful to others.

Charisa, Florence, Joshua and Sophie for well written diaries including all features.

Rylan for making brave choices.

Kadie for listening well to feedback when editing her writing. 


Star of the week...

Tyson for catching up on work missed during sickness and showing great resilience. 


Yellow Jersey Nomination...

Charisa for fantastic behaviour and for always trying her best. 


Friday 5th December 2019

Well done to...

The whole class for making a fantastic start to their diary writing. Including all the features and exciting vocabulary. In particular: Tonylee, Freddie, Maddie, Jake, Billy and Sheldon for brilliant independent writing this week. 

Maisie for showing great reciprocity when supporting others to create sentences. 

Finley, Josh and Murray for their perseverance with short division. 

Charisa for accurately applying the correct vocabulary when describing the location of different countries around the world. 


Star of the week...

Callum for being much more focused and productive during lessons this week. 


Yellow Jersey Nomination...

Florence for being a shining example of the school rules and always being a good friend. She is also becoming much braver in class and more willing to have a go. She is growing in resilience and perseverance and doesn't give up. 


Friday  22nd November 2019

Well done to...

Bella for becoming more confident to contribute to class discussions. 

Tyson and Finley for well written sentences including conjunctions and expanded noun phrases. 


Star of the week...

Scarlett for always reflecting on the work she does and using it to improve. 


Yellow Jersey Nomination...

Murray who has also been mentioned by Mr Blake for showing great reciprocity when working gin a team and supporting others. This completely echos Murray's character everyday, always being kind, considerate, encouraging and supportive when working with others. 


Friday 15th November 2019

Well done to...

Abbie and Scarlett for their well written performance poems in the style of 'The Sound Collector'. 

Kyrie for always trying her best in all areas of learning. 

Callum for his positive attitude towards his learning and being more productive. 

Maddie for her confidence when performing a poem to her peers. 


Star of the week...

Ruby-May for her growth in confidence and independence. 


Yellow Jersey Nomination...

Sophie for displaying excellent reciprocity skills when working with others -  always being extremely kind, patient and encouraging. 


Friday 8th November 2019

Well done to...

Oscar, Sheldon, Jake and Billy for improved scores in their band challenge. 

Abbie and Charisa for showing great reciprosity when helping other members of the class with their learning. 

Olivia for her extra spelling and maths at home.

Florence for her perseverance when converting analogue to digital time. 


Star of the week...

Rylan for his valuable contributions and enthusiasm when discussing performance poetry. 


Yellow Jersey Nomination...

Freddie for constantly seeking the challenge in many learning areas this week. 


Friday 18th October 2019

Well done to...

Scarlett and Florence for showing great reciprocity when working together to solve mathematical problems during the maths scavenger hunt. 

Kadie for becoming more focused during independent learning time. 

Tyson for completing his guided reading, topic and English tasks and staying focused.

Bella for some great work with Mrs Panes when sorting word types and using them to create sentences. 

Callum for his focus and care during handwriting. 


Star of the Week:

Abigail for always working incredibly hard and her positive contributions in class. 


Yellow Jersey nomination...

Abbie for always being kind and helpful to all. 


Friday 11th October 2019

Well done to... 

Joshua and Scarlett for some interesting writing in the style of a non-chronological report. 

Kadie for her increase in focus during lessons. 

Oscar for his positive working attitude and always trying his best. 


Star of the week...

Murray for his resilience when reflecting on his work and using feedback to improve his writing. 


Yellow jersey nomination...

Maddie for showing others how to be a great friend and wowing me with her formal calculations this week. 


Friday 4th October 2019

Well done to...

Ruby-May, Rylan, Maddie and Murray for beginning to apply their cursive handwriting to their writing.

Masie for being resourceful when using conjunctions to vary sentences. 

Charissa for showing great reciprocity during computing and supporting others who needed help. 


Star of the week...

Sheldon for working incredibly hard and showing his growth in resilience with phonics and writing. 


Yellow Jersey nomination...

Finley for his outstanding working attitude, being a shining example of the school rules and always responding positively to feedback - using it to improve his work and develop his Reflective Ruby skills. 


Friday 27th September 2019

Well done to...

Rylan for becoming much more focused and for his perseverance in maths and writing.

Oscar for always trying his best.

Bella for showing great resilience when editing her story. 


Star of the week...

Jake for his 'i can' attitude towards his learning and applying all his phonic knowledge to his sentence writing. 


Yellow Jersey Nomination...

Ruby-May for always trying her hardest and having delightful manners.  


Friday 20th September 2019

Well done to...

Freddie for his super maths work this week.

Maisie for her contributions during guided reading.

Scarlett for a fantastic scientific explanation about animals and their teeth. 

Abigail for showing great resilience this week. 

Charisa for preparing a great speech for school councillor and showing great maturity and resilience during the voting process. 


Star of the week...

Abbie for her growth in confidence, her contribtions in class and being an all round superstar. 


Yellow Jersey Nomination...

Josh for his exemplary behaviour, getting to gold everyday, positive attitude and determination to seek the challenge. 


Friday 13th September 2019

Well done...

Billy for his growth in resilience throughout the week. 

Charisa for beautiful presentation in her books. 

Sophie for already aiming to 'seek the challenge' 

Olivia for being a great friend and looking after others in her class.


Star of the week...

Josh for his outstanding attitude to learning and already displaying many qualities of all our superheroes. A true star!


Yellow Jersey Nomination...

Kyrie for showing amazing kindness and reciprocity towards her friends - a fantastic quality to have.