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Friday 18th October 2019

Well done...

Charlie, Cienna, Amelia and Antonia for completing extra maths work at home.

Marley, Riley, Jacob and Alina for producing fantastic finished pieces of work for their non-chronological reports on Woolly Mammoths.

Alina and Jack for working hard in French and confidently demonstrating vocabulary in conversations.

Oliver and Raven for their reciprocity in maths when working on a group task.


Star of the week...

Charlie for his effort and focus in all of his lessons and for working hard to improve his handwriting this week.


Yellow Jersey Nomination...

Theo for his constant dedication to TTRockstars, becoming the top of the class and reaching the highest level possible! He has also worked hard on his behaviour and focus in lessons which has been noticed by everyone.



Friday 11th October 2019

Well done...

Alina and Teagan for always being kind and thoughtful and for always working hard in lessons. 

Lucas for his focus and effort in English.

Abbey for her reflectiveness during English by spending time checking her spelling and punctuation independently. 


Star of the week...

Riley for his focus in English this week and for some excellent editing of work to check it makes sense and is punctuated correctly. 


Yellow Jersey Winner...

Jacob for making sensible decisions all week, for working hard and for being incredibly helpful. He has been an absolute super star this week!



Friday 4th October 2019

Well done...

Finley and Marley for becoming more independent in their arithmetic and English work.

Charlie for working hard on his presentation this week.

Cienna for working hard to make her handwriting neater and joined up consistently. 


Star of the week...

Theo for turning his behaviour around towards the end of this week and making a daily improvement in the presentation of his maths book.


Yellow Jersey Nomination...

Archie for oozing resilience in every lesson that he does. Despite finding some lessons hard this week, he has kept on trying and smiled through it all. He also gave us a lovely explanation of his fossil collecting trip today which wowed everyone!



Friday 27th September 2019

Well done...

Sam, Mylee, Antonia and Lilly for writing some fantastic stories about the three little pigs this week. 

Theo, Alfie and Charlie for making improvements to their behaviour and overall presentation of work as well. 


Star of the week...

Jacob for a super improvement in the quality, presentation and quantity of work he is producing, as well as a big improvement in the decisions he is making with his behaviour.


Yellow Jersey Nomination...

Amelia for being an all round super-hero. She is always reflective in her work, looking for ways to improve it without being prompted and she seeks the challenge in every lesson. She has also been a fab Reciprocity Rosie and is always helping others around her. 



Friday 20th September 2019

Well done...

Charlie for a fantastic attitude towards his learning this week.

Archie, Dylan, Finley and Marley for working hard in both maths and writing.

Raven for her independence in all of her lessons this week.

Amelia for her seeking the challenge in all of her lessons.


Star of the week...

Cienna for a wonderful work ethic in maths all week. She has sought the challenge every day and ensured she is concentrating in all of her lessons.


Yellow Jersey Nomination...

Teagan for being conscientious and positive at school every day. She has a fabulous attitude towards her learning and is always looking to try her best and has improved in her presentation too!



Friday 13th September 2019

Well done...

Sam, Theo, Amelia, Oliver, Abbey and Alina for their fantastic work in arithmetic this week.

Jacob for working well as a team in English by helping his table with the tasks.

Mylee for her resilience in maths this week when she found the work tricky. 

Teagan for her enthusiasm with reading this week, telling me about all of the chapters she has read each day. 


Star of the week...

Alina for fantastic presentation in her maths book, and some well thought out explanations for the problems she did. 


Yellow Jersey Nomination...

Sam for being a superb role model for other children around him and already showing all of the Wootey values in all of his work. 



Friday 6th September 2019

Well done...

Alina and Jacob for showing some lovely manners.

Jack for always putting his hand up and listening carefully about all of the super heroes.

Antonia, Mylee and Amelia for fantastic behaviour.

Theo and Lilly for showing reciprocity towards others.