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Friday 13th September 2019

Well done...

Sam, Theo, Amelia, Oliver, Abbey and Alina for their fantastic work in arithmetic this week.

Jacob for working well as a team in English by helping his table with the tasks.

Mylee for her resilience in maths this week when she found the work tricky. 

Teagan for her enthusiasm with reading this week, telling me about all of the chapters she has read each day. 


Star of the week...

Alina for fantastic presentation in her maths book, and some well thought out explanations for the problems she did. 


Yellow Jersey Nomination...

Sam for being a superb role model for other children around him and already showing all of the Wootey values in all of his work. 



Friday 6th September 2019

Well done...

Alina and Jacob for showing some lovely manners.

Jack for always putting his hand up and listening carefully about all of the super heroes.

Antonia, Mylee and Amelia for fantastic behaviour.

Theo and Lilly for showing reciprocity towards others.