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Paultons Park 06.07.21

We spent part of the afternoon outdoors on a scavenger hunt and then we made nature pictures from what we found. 
Our Design and Technology unit this term was all about food. We looked at what makes an balanced diet and where our food comes from. We then designed our own sandwiches, created them and evaluated the end result. 

Dissecting Owl Pellets - Panda

As part of our science learning we dissected owl pellets so we were able see what they eat and which parts of an animal they do not need for nutrients and therefore get rid of. 

Orangutan's fact files about wolves.

Panda's Non-Chronological Reports on Wolves

In English we have spent the past couple of weeks looking at wolves and learning all about non-chronological reports. We looked at how we might lay them out and the different subheadings we might use. Here is our published versions of them! 

Spooky Stories Around the Fire Pit

On Friday afternoon we enjoyed spooky stories around the fire pit with toasted marshmallows. 

Art Day 19.10.20 - Looking at Wassily Kandinski

During Art day, Year 3 enjoyed looking at primary colours and then mixing them to make secondary colours. They also then experimented with shading by adding in black and white to see what effect it had on their colour. After looking at one of Kandinski's most famous paintings called ''Concentric Circles'', Year 3 then created their own. What a fantastic job they did! Well done to Year 3 smiley

Paper Chain Team Building

Billy Goats Gruff retelling