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Week beginning 4th January 2021


This week we are looking at Jabberwokky by Lewis Carrol. 




Jabberwokky Wordle



1. Read the poem - yes it won't make sense YET!



2. Check out the weblinks

Micheal Rosen's Version:

Neil Gaiman's version:


Which version do you prefer?



3. Look at the PPT


4. Make a list of the nonsense words and draw what you think they mean. What is a  borogove? Is it a woodland creature or a plant or something new?


Look out for the tasks that we put onto this page!

Activity 2:

Listen to the poem on the link below:

How is it different to the version read by Michael Rosen?

What mood is created in the poem?

Try and read it in your favourite style. You could learn the first verse and say it in different ways. Which way gives the best meaning?

Task: Draw the scene in the first verse. 

Activity 3:

Think of different words for the nonsense words. Use the activity sheet to help you.

Activity 4:

Listen to this final version...


Today we will watch the Muppet version of Jabberwocky!


  • Is this the total performance?
  • How do humour, music, drama, expression and intonation come together to bring this poem alive for us?

Activity 5:

Review your learning about Jabberwoky.

Work through the questions in the comprehension.

Learn at least 3 verses by heart and be ready to say them when we next meet on Zoom!