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Spring Term 2021

This term we will write a diary about an explorer!


Before we begin we need to focus on making sure we have the right tools to be a successful writer.




Activity 1: Pronouns

Look at the link:


Activity 2: Play the game using the cards. 


Activity 3: Try to write 3 sentences using the pronouns I, he, she.

Upload your lovely work so we can give you lots of praise!

If you do need paper copies please get in contact with us straight away and we will get them to you asap.

Pronoun card game

Lesson 2:

For lesson 2 look at the assigned lesson on SeeSaw or on the main English section of the Home Learning.

You should be able to do this well after lesson 1. You can stop when the lesson moves onto possessive pronouns.

For the next 5 sessions you need to watch the film: Adventures are the pits

You then need to work through the pack of activities, including the worksheets on conjunctions.

You need to write a diary using pronouns and the conjunctions and the grammar we have focused on. 

When you have completed your diary entry you need to upload your writing onto SeeSaw. If you have any questions please contact me.