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These are your spellings for the Spring term 2021.


They have been split into weekly sets of spellings. We would like you to learn these and try some of the ideas below.

Year 4 Ideas to try

  • Read your spellings out aloud.
  • Draw a picture to illustrate the word.
  • Write them on a piece of paper and get someone to hide them and the go to find them. When you have found them shout out the spellings. You could do this as a race with someone else if you wish.
  • Make up a song or a poem to help you learn the spelling.
  • Draw the shape of the word.
  • Write it in fancy writing using coloured pencils.
  • Write the consonants only and get someone else to guess the spelling word.
  • Play a game of Hangman.

Please look at the spellings to find the current spelling list.


Try some of the spelling games on: