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Thursday 14th July 2016

The children had a lie-in today, with the morning knock-on-the-door alarm call postponed until 7.15 am.  It was nearly impossible to get some of the children out of bed – especially some of the boys. Mrs Fifield, Mr Mills and Mr McKell had to physically resort to dragging children out of their beds on to the floor.  Everyone seemed full of beans, looking forward to breakfast, and keen to find out their group's activities for the day.  One boy was literally full of beans after eating a whole plate of only baked beans for his breakfast.  The teachers feel they'll bypass his room during the next room inspection, leaving his lucky room-mates to suffer the consequences.

Today included a visit to BlackGang Chine amusement park. Here the children rode the ‘Cliffhanger’ rollercoaster, rode the ‘Waterblaster’ and walked through Area 5 – full of moving dinosaurs, which some even believed may be real life! The children enjoyed the many different themed play areas, including Fantasy Land where the girls (and especially the boys) loved playing in Cinderella’s Castle.

The adults were incredibly proud of the children as they braved the high rollercoaster. Unfortunately, in order to overcome some of their fears, Mr Mills was forced to go on the rides. Apologies for the language that some of your children encountered as the rollercoaster hurtled towards the cliff face. He certainly won’t be going on the ride again.

A particular favourite this year was the spinning barrels where the children could control how fast the teacup style ride could go. Miss Andrews and Mr Mills are fuming with the children for causing the ride to go super fast resulting in both adults nearly falling over as they exited.

The afternoon was spent at the Owl and Monkey Haven followed by the Donkey Sanctuary. Mrs Steel was amused at Adam’s enthusiasm with the monkeys – especially the private aspects of the males.


A particularly amusing comment this afternoon could be heard on the coach when a child said, “are you sure we’re allowed to stop here?” Clearly said child (Aaron) had not seen the traffic light.

We headed back to our hotel, where we began to pack, ready for our departure tomorrow. It's so weird. Everything fitted into our suitcases when packed last weekend to come, but now, for some reason, nothing seems to fit in at all!!! Children were given 20 minutes to pack in readiness for our departure home after lunch tomorrow.  Some children assured us that they had finished packing after only 5 minutes, so we do wonder what their parents will find in their cases - either immaculately packed clothes, or . . . We'll leave you to find out, dear parents!After attempting to pack, we cleaned our rooms, checked our draws, wardrobes and bathrooms, to make sure that we weren't going to leave anything behind, ate the most wonderful tea and headed to the beach for mini golf.



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Millie's Mum:

Well,  you guys all looks as if your having the best time!! 

Millie, just because I'm not there doesn't mean you can cover yourself in sand!!! You know how I feel about all that mess, So you will be sorting your own washing out when you get back.
Make sure you take all the sand that collects between your toes, Inside your socks up your nose back to the beech before you make your way back to 'England!' ;-)

Also how's your ankle holding up?  looks good from the football skills I see!!

Auntie Linda has arrived this evening, low maintenance and living the dream as always LOL.

Saw grandad today, he asked if you saw him waving?? LOL he's been looking out for a wave back, but I'm guessing you've been too busy to even look for grandad over the sea!!

Missing you lots and ready to hear all about your adventures, but we are going to enjoy the last few days of peace, while it lasts!

Lots and lots of hugs and kisses,  mummy and daddy Reece xx 


Ryan's Dad:

 Hello Pickle, Day 4 of your holiday and a trip to Black Gang Chine, we hope you and all year 6 have an Amazing time..I hope you are grateful to Mr Mills and his team.


Gemma's Mum:

 Wow, can't believe it's almost time for you to come home. Really looking forward to having you back but also loved seeing all the photos of you having such a fab time. Lots of love and big hugs. Love mum. Xx


Millie's Mum:

 Hey Mills Dad here, Friday already can't quite believe how quick it's gone so I hope you have had the best time and been kind and considerate to everyone! Especially All the teachers!! I think a huge round of applause should be given to all the teachers as to look after all you lot can't have been easy! Home hasn't been the same and I know we've all missed you and can't wait to get you back in"England" lol! We've really enjoyed seeing all the photos of you all and reading your daily exploits! Think I'll be asking MR Mills to do our next holiday itinerary eh?!
I bumped into Tony again and he can't wait to get playing for Portsmouth Elite Academy girls come September, and says got to start training now in readiness!!
So make the most of your last day and see you later for big cuddles!
Love you baby girl Xx lots of love Dad   


Alice's Mum:

 Hello Alice,

Flash is absolutely fine.  She has been enjoying her walks and spending time in the park.  Weather has been much better here the last couple of days. I have been looking at the pictures Mr Mills has kindly posted for parents to see. Your holiday looks fantastic. It looks really fun there. 

Josh and Tom say Hi Alicec and see you soon. 

Lots of love.


Charlie B's Mum:

Hey Charlie another fun filed day you have had.. A massive thank you too all the staff for making this happen ..please make sure u pack all your own clothes as lve noticed you haven't been wearing your own u lots mum xx

Daisy's Mum:

Hello! Looks like you are having a fantastic time! Jealous - much? Lol

I think baby listened to your instruction of staying in until you get back!

Today's cryptic clue - NAVY BLUE

Can't wait til you are home! Love you millions xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Adam's Mum:

 Hi Ads!  Loving the blog and pictures.  One thing to say: have you changed your shorts yet lol?  Hope you are having a fab time - it certainly looks like it.  Can't wait to hear all about it...  lots of love Mum & Dad

p.s. your big brothers are missing you lots (well they haven't said that but I'm sure they are)

p.p.s Well done to all the staff and thanks for giving our children a lovely time to remember always!


Edward's Mum:

 Hi Ed! Hope you're having a good time in the isle of wight. getting quite bored without you to annoy.looks more fun than when i went aha! hope the foods better too! look forward to seeing you on Friday. love from Marcus :) 


Leah's Mum:

 Hi Leah, thank you so much for postcard it made my day, miss you so much but enjoy the last few days and I will see you tomorrow and can't wait to hear all about it love Mum xxxx

P.s I'm so proud of you, soon you soon beautiful xxx


Patryk's Mum:

 Hi Patryk hope you are well and the weather is good today. How exciting time you have, its a pleasure to see the pictures of you all having huge smiles on a face. Im glad you like the food, take all recipes please, you will help me to cook them at home im sure you will like it ;))))
Miss you lots and lots and cant wait to see you tomorrow!
Love Mum


Millie's Aunty and Uncle:

 Dear Millie,

Hope your having a lovely time. See you soon - Harley can't wait for his kisses and cuddles.

Lots of love
Aunty carrie, uncle ray, Ella and Harley X X X 



 Hey guys, it's me Craig. Hope you guys are having a fun time on day 4. I am confused Charlie you were wearing Evan's jacket . Other than that you  look like your having a good time. I have been keeping up to date with your photos they look awesome.

Have you heard of the stupid snake it lost its skin lol see u guys tomorrow cant wait to see you.
from Craig  


Ryan's Dad:

Well Ryan having read the bogs each day and viewing the pictures you certainly seemed to have an amazing adventure.One mistake complimenting the kitchen staff, although polite, Mums now going to cook all your most hated meals next week,OOPS..
Cant wait for this afternoon for big hugs and lots of stories love you so much little Man xxxx


Kieran's Mum:

 It looks like you are having an amazing time. Missing you and look forward to seeing you when you get back.
Lots of love Mum


Charlie's W Mum:

Oh no Charlie!!! I'm guessing from the colour of you in the pictures of you on the boat and on the coach it was you that vommed everywhere and not Charlie B, hope you felt better after that, lol, apologies to Mr Mills and more so to Mrs Fifield for having to clean you up, bleurgh!! So looking forward to seeing you when you get home tomorrow, I'm going to squeeze you til your head pops off, have a great day today darling, love you millions, mum xxxxxxxxxx Enjoy your day everyone xx


Adam's Dad:

Looks like you're having a great time everyone - keep up the fun. And Adam, remember to wash everything....


Borre's Dad:

 Good morning Borre, we've been up early this morning. I'm doing better, but still pain sometimes. Flipper had 2 dead mice 'gifts'this morning! He's bringing offering for the gods to bring you back!  Finn misses you a lot, daddy is winning at chess, so I need your backup! It's amazing to see you on the boat round the needles! Love you loads, miss you more! Than a dinosaur! Xxxx Papa and Mama and Finn. 


Ashton's Mum:

 Hey Ashton it's Thursday today and that means one thing for us your coming home tomorrow yippee ! We can't wait to see you !! Looks like you had a great day yesterday !! Bet it was good  watching the sweets be made hope u have some for us 😉 Hope u all have a great day today and a brill last night make the most of it !! Much love dude see you tomorrow xx ❤️


Aidan's Mum:

 Hi baby,hope you're behaving 😉 looks like your having a wonderful time,bet it's even better being there with your mates than the normal boring family time. We are missing you loads,Tinks excited about you coming back,not long until we are there again,countdown to our holiday has begun so jacks not even bothered you're not here lol. Anyway,have a good day don't eat to much sweets and make the most of the sand xxx Love you xxx


Alex's sister:

 I see you're having an amazing time. As for me, I'm having a whale of a time. I'm eating all your chocolate and all your cereal and running around the house... I have even moved all of your stuff into my room and stolen yours.... Ha not really, I have to do all the dishes and feed the fish (we still have a baby fish) and be lonely in the morning... I even MADE TEA LAST NIGHT!! I hope you're having a better time than I am ;) see you soon!

Fran's Mum:

 Hi Fran, looks and sounds like you had another brilliant day, the boat trip looked great, and you've actually changed your trousers !!! Have fun at Blackgang Chine today, your brother and sister used to love it there  !!!  Having my first cuppa of the day in your Call of Duty mug !! Dad is missing you loads and Digby is still a dingbat !! One more sleep so make the most of it and have fun.
lots of love Mum, Dad and Tay xx


Courtney's Mum:

 Don't forget my present. Xxx love u miss u xx