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Another busy day but we could tell the children were tired as it took longer to get them out of bed this morning. Mr McKell and Mr Mills had to drag some of the children out of their pits and into the bathrooms.


Today was a visit to Black Gang Chine amusement park! Here the children rode the ‘Cliffhanger’ rollercoaster, rode the ‘Waterblaster’, the spinning barrels and walked through Area 5 – full of moving dinosaurs, which some even believed may be real life! The children enjoyed the many different themed play areas, including the Wild West where some were locked up in a prison cell.


Animals were fed and stroked, and children enjoyed various animal shows around Seaview Wildlife Centre. It was evident that yesterday's antics on site are beginning to take their toll but the sights of hundreds of ducks soon raised the children's spirits as they pounced on every duck to feed it.


We headed back to our hotel, where we began to pack, ready for our departure tomorrow. It's so weird. Everything fitted into our suitcases when packed last weekend to come, but now, for some reason, nothing seems to fit in at all!!! After attempting to pack, we cleaned our rooms, checked our draws, wardrobes and bathrooms, to make sure that we weren't going to leave anything behind, ate the most wonderful tea, got dressed for the beach and headed down for one final swim in the sea.


Best wishes

Mr Mills


"Jack, Happy Birthday!!!! I cannot wait to see you later. Have an amazing last day away. Love Mum x " (Jack's Mum)


"Hi Mack, looks like you're having a hoot of a time. Tell me all about it when you get home and until then, keep calm and be Harry Potter. Ryan Grimes (Mack's friend) " (Ryan Grimes)


"I hope all of you are having fun and we all miss you" (Serena's Mum)


"Hello allana looks like your having a grate time can't wait to see u tomorrow I have missed u lots have a grate last night love always your dad xx " (Allana's Dad)


"Missing you loads, hope you are having fun with your friends. Remember being me back a seashell, see you soon love nanny hull xx " (Jack's Grandmother)


"Hi Marcus, Owen and Nikita. Hope you are having a fantastic time. Missing you lots Marcus. Love mum xx" (Marcus' Mum)


"Hi J . Looks absolutely brilliant.  Lovely photo's . Hope the food is good.  Look forward to seeing you and hearing all about it.  Enjoy the rest of the week. ...Love from nanny Dawn and grandad ... "(Jamie Fry)


"Hi Nikita, it's really quiet here, we're missing you lots. Stop avoiding the camera!!! Hope you're next 2 days are as good as the first few, it looks like a brilliant trip. Love you, see you tomorrow. " (Nikita's Mum & Dad)


"Hi Jessica. Hope you are having an absolutely brilliant time and making some treasured memories - it certainly looks like you are. We are missing you like crazy and all Shelley wants to do is look out of the window to see if you are coming home! Enjoy the rest of your time on the Isle of Wight. We are so looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Lots of Love Mum, Dad and Shelley xxx
P.S. Nannie says hello x " (Jessica's Mum and Dad)


"Hi Georgina hope you are ok today. Enjoy your day thinking of you love mum. Xx " (Georgina's Mum)


"Love your snazzy shorts, islanders rule o.k.  Missing you loads, Grandma and Grandad xxx " (Luke's Grandparents)


"Hi Tinashé, I've been looking at you're pictures every day and you look like you're having an amazing time. I cant wait for you to come home so i can give u a big hug. Miss you loads!! Tanaka has slept in your bed every night and also misses you. Have fun, love Mum xxx <3 " (Tinashe's Mum)