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Tuesday 12th July 2016

For those of you who guessed 6am: you were wrong.  Did anyone guess 5:45am?  Well, you were also wrong. If you guessed 5:30am then you were correct because voices were heard from one of the rooms this morning. After a cooked breakfast (of sausages), the quotes of the day started when Mr McKell said that children should wear long sleeved tops because of the heat and one child asked if a jumper was ok to wear.


After leaving an hour early for Robin Hill due to a supposed collision – we actually ended up arriving early. Despite a few spots of rain hitting the windscreen on the journey there, the weather was generally kind to us. We started our visit with a trip to the 4d cinema: broken, gutted!


Afterwards we headed down to the slides. I suggested that children should slide down using their coats and boy was that a mistake. We had children flying down at up to 50 miles per hour and the person in charge told me off for being so irresponsible…oops.


Later on, we continued on to the pirate ship. Those of us who were brave enough were allowed to ride it. Although we really enjoyed it, our screams could definitely be heard on the far side of the park!


Charlie W, Danny and Leah managed to get lost in the maze. We nearly had to leave them there!
At dinner we were delighted to see those rarest of things; 'vegetables' being eaten. However, we are working on the few vegi dodgers that are hiding amongst us. One child said the trip was like a holiday but with teachers – we’re not quite sure how to take that.


This evening the children ventured to Shanklin Theatre for a show like no other. A pop pantomime ‘Fangtastic’ consisting of a spooky tale with loads of pop songs from Bruno Mars, One Direction, Justin Bieber and Little Mix. Much dancing was had by all. Adults are in agreement, the show was utter rubbish but the children lapped it up.


Updates for the remainder of the week will be less....I'm shattered already and it's only Tuesday!


Chloe's Aunty:
Have a fabulous trip on the IOW.  Love the bubble's !  Looking forward to seeing what else you get up to over the week.  Keep blowing bubbles !
Love Aunty Ann


Evan's Mum:

 Hi Evan hope you are having fun. I miss you so much and you know that I love you. God is always with you no matter where you are remember.  love from Mum and Tobias Serena and Christabel.


Ryan's Dad:

Ry been on you ipod practising the moves on ready for a dance off on your return you mate xxx Dad


Millie's Mum and Dad:

 Hi Mills, daddy says "loves you my baby girl" the place hasn't been so quiet!!
Hope your having a fab time and keeping your fluffs to a minimum! 😃 Roman Attwood says he's looking forward to you getting home and catching up with his daily vlog.

It's mummy here. I'm missing my lazy morning buddy, I didn't get out of bed until 7.50 this morning, And we still made it to school on time!!  Had my hair done yesterday and Tracey missed her 'dirt bag!'  You make sure you have the bestest time! We are going to bed now so I'm going to listen to LBC 😜  Lots of love and hugs. Mummy!!
Ps. Daddy says Tottenham have signed Vincent

Jansen from AZ Alkmar for £17 million ( this is very exciting I'm sure ).  


Will and Molly's Nana:

Hi Will and Molly!!!! I hope you are having a great time on vacation! I am so excited to see you, Tiana and I have come all the way from America to hang out! We cannot wait to give you big cuddle and show you all my pictures of Tink and Delilah! See you on Friday!!!
Love, Renie 😘❤️


Chloe's Granny and Grandad:

Chloe, what are you doing wearing a coat on the beach in such sunny weather? But you blew some great bubbles! Enjoy the rest of the week.


Will and Molly's Mum:

 Hi Molly and Will, We hope you had a good day.  We're loving all the pictures and the news in Mr Mill's blog.
Lots of love Mum 


Chloe's Mum:

 Loved looking at all your photos from Monday and well,  Mr Mills' blog was a great read - keep the photos and the commentary coming - am loving it - hope you have had better weather than us - wet play again!!


Alice's Mum:

Hello Alice and all of year 6.

Hope you are all having a fab time.  Its really rubbish  here because there seems to be lots and lots of rain.

Have a great day.

Mama and "love you minxy".
Dad sends you a big squidge from Barcelona!  


Will and Molly's Dad:

 Hi Will and Molly. Hope you're having a good time. I've driven along the Portsmouth coast every day so far and I've seen the Isle of Wight in the distance and I think of you guys every time I see it. Remember to have fun, and I'll see you soon.
Daddy Pig.


Ryan's Mum:

 Hi Ryan mum here Marley is missing you lots running round the paddock, seen loads of photos you seem to be totally enjoying the experience .Love u loads cant wait to see u home on Friday where it all goes back to normal little lord ryan lol xxx


Adam's Mum:

Hope you are all having a lovely time.  It is VERY quiet here without you Ads!  Woofie and Streaky send their love!

Daisy's Mum:

 Hello! You look like you are having a great time in the pictures. Missing you!  No baby news to report. Love you the whole world! From  Us Lot at home xxxx


Kieran's Dad:

Hi kieran
hope you are having fun. missing our little man. hope you havent worn mr mills out too much yet. save it for friday.


Ben's Dad:

Hi Ben, Looks like you all had fun on the Beach. Really quiet here without you, your brother and the countless friends that seem to come through our door. Teachers if you could keep him for another week that would be great. Have a fantastic time and do as your told. Love ya


Samuel's Mum:

 Hi Samuel et al!  Looks like you all had a fun first day.  I see you had wet hair on the beach... I hope you didn't run in fully clothed with your watch on (Again!!!).  Miss you and love you loads... Mum ... Ps Bears misses you xx


Ellie's Sister:

Hi Ellie, We can't believe you went in the sea on Monday, it must have been freezing, are you mad?! Hope you are having a great time, enjoy the week and we can't wait to hear all about it on Friday... and Saturday... and Sunday... Love you lots, George sends his big sloppy kisses to you. Love Parbar xxxxx


Mrs Fifield's son:

Hi Mum

Heard what you have been doing sounds good
Better than when I went that's because I went fossil hunting which was boring
Didn't tell me you spilt coffee on the curtains of the coach
Miss you loads
Love you loads See you on Friday

Jake xxxx


Mrs Fifield's other son:

 Hi Mum hope you are having a good time miss you and love you loads can't wait to see you Friday have fun. (clearly not as much love for his mum!)


Borre's Mum:

 Hallo Borre!  No pictures of you on the bus or on the boat, where are you? Ah, there you are, buried half in the sand! I hope that you are having a great time! I hope that you are not worrying to much about Papa. He's feeling much better today. Finn and Purcy and Flipper miss you a lot. Flipper was spread out on your bed sleeping all day.  Lots of love from us!! Papa en Mama en Finn. Xxxx


Ram's Mum:

 Hi Ram
Missing you so much, hope you are having a great time at Isle of Wight. Enjoyyyyy
We love you


Will and Molly's Aunty:

 It's very quiet around here, Grandad has even
Taken off his ear defenders! Have a wonderful time my darlings.
Lots of love Aunty Esther


Oscar's Dad:

Hiya Squarny! Hope you're having a great time. Some news from home: The guinea pigs have escaped, Daisy's busted your helicopter, Caspar's lost your character on Tanki Online and the twins have completely trashed your room. Apart from that, all is good at Big Momma and we're missing you loads. Remember that we get to see photo's each day so I hope you've changed the cycling guinea pig t-shirt? 
Love you loads, Udder & Swilly


Patryk's Mum:

Hi Patryk just seen the pictures taken yesterday, hope you are having great time, can't wait to hear all about it on Friday. Love you lots Mum


Gemma's Mum:

 Hi Gemma,
It's very quiet in the house without you - we really miss you loads and loads.  You even took the sunshine with you as it rained all day here yesterday.  Hope you're having a brilliant time.
lots and lots of love and big hugs from us all.xx
love mum.
p.s. don't forget the presents and make sure mine's the biggest!!!!


Leah's Nan:

Hi Leah hope your having a lovely time and don't forget my stick of rock love you lots from Nan xxx


Aaron's Mum:

 Hi Aaron hope your having a fantastic time. Really missing you! But not your mess!! Lol . Make some lovely memories, can't wait to see you Friday. ENJOY!!! Love you boy . Love mum, Jessie, Georgia, Sophia xxxx💙


Erin's Mum:

Morning Erin my favourite daughter 😀
Pictures look great from yesterday bet your tired today!
We're all missing u lots including the boys but know u will have an amazing week followed by leavers disco and eggars bonding days then we're off on holiday !
Love u to the moon and back😘😘


Jessica's Mum:

 Morning J
Looks like you had an fab day yesterday!
We miss you 😊 Don't want your insta and musically followers to worry so I've done some posts for you musically was fun😂👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻  only Joking
Have an amazing day everyone!
Love you lots gorgeous girl 72cm