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For those of you who guessed 6am: you were wrong.  Did anyone guess 5:45am?  Well, you were also wrong. If you guessed 5:30am then you were correct because voices were heard from one of the rooms this morning. After a cooked breakfast (of sausages), the quotes of the day started with, “What country is the Isle of Wight in?”


The efforts for the room inspection looked impressive from the outside as many 'welcome' signs were put up on doors but the phrase "looks can be deceiving" was proved when some of the rooms were entered. The experience was truly....4D.  Grading was varied and ranged from a zero to a generous 8.5. Various toiletries were unused and in some cases still compacted into toiletry bags.  We are sure efforts will drastically improve because the children will shortly be receiving constructive feedback from "the room inspectors".


We were very lucky to be amongst the few people who were visiting Robin Hill Country Park for the day. The sun shone (unlike Alton), mazes were travelled through and the decibels were sky high when children went on the boat ride again and Again and AGAIN.


Much to Mr O’Brien’s dismay we headed straight for the falconry display! A buzzard, Harris hawk and falcon were swooping right above our heads, we had to duck quite a few times. The boys in the front row got so close it even brushed their heads (don't worry the gel held it in place Samuel and Jack).


After the falconry display had finished we queued for Time Zone simulator, which took us on a virtual roller coaster. Mrs McPherson and Mrs Fifield were brave enough to join the children and add to the mixture of screams and laughter! We then joined the other children in the Maze - Josh decided to find the middle really quickly and then get lost on the way out!

The children's favourite part of the day was the swinging pirate ship.


At dinner we were delighted to see those rarest of things; 'vegetables' being eaten. However,  we are working on the few vegi dodgers that are hiding amongst us. The children have been heard saying several times, "this is the best trip ever" so let's hope that continues. One child, who will remain nameless for their own security, was heard saying during dinner "this is better than my mum's".


After dinner, we headed for the Theatre to see the infamous show, BOOM! All the children thoroughly enjoyed the experience – especially the dancing with Mr McKell.


Best wishes

Mr Mills



"Hey megs looks like ur all having a great time! Discovered ur status on instragram (Beth's?) Lol Kabe says sweets love all of us" (Megan's Mum)


"Hi Jack, Hope you had a great second day. Loving the photos. Hope you're not keeping everyone awake too much! Jord says the house is too quiet and he's looking forward to your Birthday on Friday. Love Mum and Jordan. x " (Jack's Mum)


"Very quiet at home without you. Missing you. Why are you avoiding being in any of the pictures??? Most unlike you... :-) "(Josh's Mum & Dad) 


"Loving the photos and diary updates, great to see everyone enjoying themselves. Nikita the dog has moved in to your room now! Miss and love you lots  mum and dad. Ps. Thanks for the little notes you left us xxxx " (Nikita's Mum & Dad)


"Hope you're having a fantastic time ,missing you loads  love nanny jacqui and nanny susie xx" (Allana's Family)


"Right Year 6, I hope you are all behaving yourselves! No sweets under pillows, shoes lined up ready for Mr Mckell, remember always wake Mr Mills up if there is a problem at night as he loves getting out of bed, and ask Mrs steel to sing at you in the morning as she has a lovely singing voice!!! I hope no one has changed who they are going out with and that you do some good dancing at the disco with each other! Mr O'Brien is making me work far too hard! Have fun and look forward to hearing all about it! " (Mrs Manston)


"Hi Mack, looks as though everyone is having a great time, enjoying looking at the pictures, hope you are having a fantastic break, (Still no sign of your new niece yet) relax & enjoy yourself. love you & miss you, mum, Steve, Courtney & all the aminals (especially Billie) xxxxx " (Mack's Mum)


"I thought you didn't want to go in the sea James?! ;) " (James' Sister)


"Hi everyone,  what lovely photos and only day 1. Cant wait to see what you all get up to for the rest of the week. Looks like you are all having fun. Missing you Jamie its very quiet without you, liv has know one to argue with haha. Lots of love from mum dad and liv xx" (Jamie Fry's Mum) 


"Hope you are all having a great from Alton its been rainy and cloudy but very quiet! miss you x " (Lucas' Mum)


"The photos look fab from yesterday, looking forward to seeing today's. Hope your all having an amazing time missing you loads Ashleigh lots of love mum dad Tegan Jake Mia and George xxxx " (Ashleigh's Mum & Dad)


"Hi Allana, hope your having a great r good I'm missing u lots and can't wait till Friday love u lots mummy bear xxxx " (Allana's Mum)


"Hope you are having great time Louis x more pics of you please x it's weird not hearing you shouting upstairs on your Xbox lol x love you king Louis xxx " (Louis' Mum)