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Wednesday 13th July 2016

I have been up since 5am and no child has stirred! Lovely. Revenge time this morning as I can go round and wake up all the boys. Now, where did I leave my water pistol, symbols and whistle?

I’m not sure whether to be pleased or bitterly disappointed with the children’s reaction to Miss Andrews arriving this morning. She was greeted with whoops and cheers….I don’t remember any children being that excited when they heard I was on the trip.


Bags were packed and children were ready for a day out around the Isle of Wight. Our first stop was the old Battery.  1/3 of a mile later we arrived at the entrance and were greeted by our incredibly enthusiastic tour guide.


After returning to the Needles park we walked down 98 steep steps and set off for our second boat ride of the week around the famous sights of the island: The Needles. We’ve had many ups and downs this week, but not half as many as when on the boat in the very choppy sea today. Quite a few children (and adults) were moaning about the rain, wind and high waves….however, Mr McKell and I were under the sheltered section of the boat….we’ve fallen into that trap before.


As we were ascending to the sand shop, one child was rather concerned when they read aloud a sign 'dogs falling'. The reassurance and correction of a teacher helped by saying 'dogs fouling'.   The quotes, unfortunately, continued so Geography will be a focus next week to clarify that there is not a capital city in the Isle of Wight nor is the island located near Scotland.


Another activity we did at Alum Bay was watching sweets being made - our mouths were watering so much we bought lots of lovely sweets in the shop afterwards.


Travelling back to the hotel we had the biggest coach excitement of the week. To put it mildly one child, who shall remain nameless, threw up everywhere. Said child threw up on their chair, their partner’s chair, everyone’s rucksack in the immediate vicinity and all over the window. Mr Mills jumped to the rescue and went down to clear up the mess, unfortunately though – the smell of sick made him feel nauseous and therefore had to rely on Mrs Fifield to do the actual cleaning. Mr Mills did supervise the cleaning up though to ensure it was done to a satisfactory standard (which it was). Don’t worry Charlie – we won’t tell anyone it was you.


Patryk and Ryan informed the kitchen staff that they had never eaten such delicious food. Apologies parents!


Another evening on the beach proved entertaining whilst children built mermaids (with very life like features!), dug holes like dogs and one child ate a second sand sandwich of the week.


The boat trip

Still image for this video

Charlie W's Mum:

Hey Charlie, I'm just coming to the end of my night shift and I have to say looking at you guys having so much fun has really made me smile! I'm so pleased you didn't remain lost in the maze and  you made it home with the others, otherwise you may have been a little chilly overnight! The house is so much quieter without you, but Lex is making sure it's not entirely peaceful as I'm sure you can imagine 😊 I cannot wait to see the rest of your adventure unfold, stay safe gorgeous, love you millions and gazillions, mum xxxxxxxxxx p.s apologies to Mr Mills for my lack of grammar and general ability to write but I am very close to the end of a 12.5hour shift 😂 Have fun everyone xxxxx


Jessica's Mum:

Morning Jess 🙋🏼☕️
We've loved looking through all the photos of Monday and Tuesday and reading Mr Mills' blog of your adventure!
It's very strange not having you here we miss you and love you lots, hope you are having the best time ever.
72 cm 


Courtney's Mum:

Hi courts looks like u having fun. Missing u lots. Saw a picture of u doing what u do best sleeping lol. Xx see u Friday love u xx


Leah's Mum:

Hi Leah, looks like your all having fun and I'm loving the photos. Everyone is missing you even Lewis.
Riley has been in your room making a mess and watching tv....only joking about the mess as it was already like it.
Have a great day tomorrow, lots of love mum xxxxxxx


Nathan's Mum:

Hi everyone
It looks like you are having a wonderful time. Have a great day today
Nathan I hope you are finding something to eat other than sweets!!
Love Mum x


Aaron's Mum:

Hi Aaron . It looks like your having a fab time I've loved looking through the photos of you all . It's very strange not having you here listening to your music and listening to you sing 🎤How lovely and quite it's been I can actually here the television 🖥 😘😘. Everyone sends there love 💙Love you so much boy love mum xxxxxxx😘


Will and Molly's Mum:

Hi Molly and Will, love the pics of you in the maze and doing the splat game. Typical that Molly is soaking wet in most of the pictures!😉 Missing both loads.
Love Mum and Dad xxx


Will and Molly's Grandparents:

Dear Will and Molly,  it has rained here, we hope you are keeping dry and having amazing fun, love to LeeLee and Mr Staypuf from Bessie and Daisy.


Daisy's sister:

 Hi daisy missing you lots want you back looks like you are having lots and lots of fun wish that i could have come.


Niamh's sister:

Yo wassup sistaaa,hope u is having a chill time bruv innit. On a serious note though we all miss you and are eagerly awaiting your return so you can tell us all about it. I bet you're not messing around as much as I did ;)


Ram's Mum:

 Hi Ram
Hope you are having a great time, we all miss you so much. House is not the same without you  😁 love you so much. Cant wait to see you
Daddy and mommy


Daisy's Mum:

 Cryptic clue (please read out)



Niamh's Mum:

 Hi Noddles. I am missing you lots and lots. Its's pretty stinky here being the only girl left at home. I'm not sure your brothers have even noticed that you are gone as they only come out of their bedrooms for food. It will be lovely to hear about all your exciting adventures when you get back as life here is sooo boring without you. 


Edward's Sister:

 Heyy, Teddin! its your cool big sister here. Hope you're having a fab time! Its lovely and quiet here hehe. Love the photo's you look like you're having a great time! Hope you're not too tired and grumpy when you come home! otherwise I'm going to send you back hehe just kidding! hope the rest of the week is awesome see you soon! byeeee love jodie x


Daisy's Granny and Grandad:

 A message for Daisy Smith: Hello, we hope you are having a nice time at the Isle of Wight and are looking forward to hearing all about it.
Lots of love from Granny and Grandad xxx


Charlie B's Mum:

Hey Charlie, well it's Wednesday and your still there so lm assuming your behaving we miss you lots but as u can guess ,jack is making up for it ..oh before l forget , remember mummy's keyring lol .have fun and enjoy every minute xxx


Ellie's Mum:

Hi Ellie,well what can I say but you are so brave being in that boat in the choppy sea,just watching the video made my tummy curl lol.
I'm really glad you are having a great time and can't wait to hear all about it.Connor misses you and keeps saying it's very quiet.
Send my love to everyone else and tell them it's lovely to see them all so happy.
Lots of love Mummykins.P.S big wet sloppy baby George kisses xxx


Chloe's Aunty:

 I see you have taken up a new Olympic sport of Reptile riding and rope walking.  Olympics 2020 here you come. The boat trip looked a bit choppy.  Hope the rest of the week is a little more calm and full of new experiences and adventures.
Love you lots. Aunty Ann
Ps: love reading the blogs.  Keep it up teachers


Samuel's Mum:

Hi Samuel aad co.
Sounds like you are having a whale of a time even though I couldn't see the pictures today as internet misbehaving. Granny and Hannah seen the pix and blog and both send their love. tiger wonders where you are.  See you Friday. Mega tonnes of love mum xx