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The first activity at Alum Bay was visiting the gift shop. If any parents are hoping for spare change or expensive gifts then you will be disappointed now. What you will find is sheep, sweets and cheap tat – but all purchased with love.


Following on from the gift shop, we visited the famous Alum Bay Sweet Shop. The children watched how the sweets were made and then they had the opportunity to try the peach.


Shortly after, we popped over the road to watch the glass blowing which we were fascinated by. We watched them make various vases and explain to us how they did it. Well done to Josh and Lucas who answered the question on fibre optic.


98 steep steps later and we were set for our second boat ride of the week around the famous sights of the island: The Needles. As we were ascending back to the coach, one child was rather concerned when they read aloud a sign 'dogs falling'. The reassurance and correction of a teacher helped by saying 'dogs fouling'.   The quotes, unfortunately, continued so Geography will be a focus next week to clarify that there is not a capital city in the Isle of Wight nor is the island located near Scotland.


Best wishes

Mr Mills



"Looks like your having fun AM , making amazing memories ! We are all missing you lots but are also enjoying the peace ! Love you my little lady xxxx " (Anna-Marie's Mum)


"Hi Connor it looks like you are having a great time.It's very quiet at home without you and we miss you lots.Love mum and Ellie xxx " (Connor's Mum)


"Hi Alisha, we have been looking at all the photos from day 2. It looks like you're having a fantastic time! We miss you so much, Corey is talking to the walls!! Love u gorgeous! see u Friday lots of love Mum xx  " (Alisha's Mum)


"Hi Lucas (and all the other peeps) hope you're all having a cool time. Like the pictures! See you soon x Dad and Nathan x  " (Lucas' Dad)


"Hi georgina, looks like your having a great time!. Luke and I are missing you loads. Enjoy the next two days. HOPE YOU HAVE NOT EATEN TOO MUCH SWEETS AND ROCK!!!! Love mum and Luke xxx "(Georgina PH's Mum)


"hello napes we hope you are having a great time,looks like a lot of fun from the pics on school website.lots of love see you friday. Mum,dad and megs " (Nathan's Family)


"Hope you didn't buy the sweet shop Luke! Unless your planning to bring it home for me ;-)
iiii kae kae. Alofa o my son, Dad  " (Luke's Dad)


"Hi Jamila, I love you and want you to do my hair from Joy xx I cant wait until you come back and I see you love Luke-Joy xx I hope you are having a magnificent time Love Maryanne-Joy xx Miss you loads and loads JamJar continue having a fantastic time lots of Love Mum and Chris xxx " (Jamila's Mum)


"Hey there Jamila I hope ur having a good time. Its very strange not having u here but it looks like ur having fun. Hope u enjoy therest of ur trip. Josephine xxxxox  " (Jamila's Sister)


"Hi Owen,Marcus and everyone else. Owen why are you avoiding the camera it's so quite at home with out you. Missing you so much. " (Owen's Mum)


"Hi Samuel,looking at the photos it looks like you are having a great time . Missed you in goal at football training tonight , shame you didn't get another picture of Mum looking ill on the swinging boat this year . Looking forward to seeing you on Friday , have a good rest of the week . Love Dad and Jake xx " (Samuel's Dad)


"Hi Claryssa, you look like you are having fun. Only 2 more days to go so enjoy yourself, we miss you but not your messy room!! Love Mum, Dad, Rowan and Tamara xxx " (Claryssa's Mum)


"Hi Holly, Looks like you are all having an amazing time! So quiet without you and Fudge and Barney keep  looking for you. Keep having fun - see you Friday. Mum, dad, James, fudge and Barney xx " (Holly's Family)


"Jack, You look like you are having a fabulous time. I hope you had a great day at Alum bay. I'm so jealous that you got to see and taste those lovely sweets again. I've been making Jordan work hard this week and he even tidied your room!! Love Mum. x" (Jack's Mum)


"It's good to see you having such a good time Jamila but it's too quiet here. missing you and looking forward to seeing you soon. The photographs are great! Grandma & Grandad xx " (Jamila's Grandparents)


"Hi Ash, I love looking at the pictures of you all, but am missing you lots. Mr O'Brien told us today that you are having a fantastic time and really enjoying the I.O.W. I am so pleased to hear that! You deserve your break, and we love seeing you smile! But please don't buy anymore SHEEP, as we have no room for anymore!!! lol Sleep well, love you loads, from all of us stuck in dreary old Alton! :D P.S. We love the photo of you and Mrs Steel on the boat today :o) xXx " (Ashton's Mum)


"Looks like you're all having lots of fun!  Can't wait to hear all the details!  Missing you lots, Love Mum, Dad and even Billy!" (Evie's Mum)


"Morning love, looks like you are all having a fantastic time, we're missing you loads - especially Marley he misses you so much he ate one of your shoes yesterday (shopping trip now required :)). Hope you're not too smelly and we can't wait to see you on Friday, love from all of us xxx " (Amy P's Mum)