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Wootey Cook Book

Wootey Cook Book

As part of our aim to promote healthy eating, we are asking the children to share with us a recipe for lunch or dinner that they believe is healthy, enjoy eating and want to share with the rest of the school. Every half term we will be choosing a recipe and asking the child to cook (with the help of Mrs Manston and a friend) and share with the rest of the school in a focused 'healthy eating' assembly. Every recipe submitted will be put into a Wootey Cook book and will be printed at the end of the year. All recipes made in the focused assembly will be available on the school website. The aim of the cook book is to encourage children to think about healthy meals and to be actively involved in helping to cook at home. If your child would like to submit a recipe, please encourage them to add their own variation to something they enjoy eating and ensure it can be something that can be made quite easily with an adult helping!


Sophie's Recipe

Sophie's Healthy recipe idea

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Rosie's Recipe