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Year 6 - in addition to this class page, please head on over to to find more fun activities, chat to your teachers and friends and upload photos or work for us to see!  


During the period in which the school will be closed, we will be regularly updating this page with ideas and resources which can be used to support the children with their learning. It is vital that children continue to complete learning activities to ensure that they are able to retain knowledge required for when they return to school. 


We suggest that the children complete at least one maths, one reading and one grammar activity per day on top of regular reading and practice of times tables. It is also important that they have rest time and time for exercise. 


We will also upload resources to support the children with other areas of the curriculum. On top of this, we have already uploaded a list of more creative tasks that you may wish to undertake with your children.


If you have any questions regarding your child's learning, please contact us via the contact box below.


Thank you for your continued support; we look forward to welcoming you and your children back to school very soon.


Mr Wallis, Mrs Healy, Mrs McPherson and Mrs Murphy

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Contact the Year 6 Team

We appreciate Year 6 is an important year in primary education and closing the school as a result of the coronavirus will of course lead to an impact on your child's education. We are doing our best to ensure all children receive the very best education in these times of uncertainty. Your child will have been issued a paper work pack of activities for the children to complete. This online form will allow you to ask questions to the Year 6 team who will be able to respond. It might be that you require clarification on a particular maths strategy or you would like more work for your child to complete.

Week Beginning 30th March 2020
Week Beginning: Monday 23rd March

41 Activities to do at home!

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Experimenting with irreversible changes

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Year 6 suggested reading book list

Odd Socks Day - Thank you for taking part!

Eggars visit

Year 5 and 6 National Curriculum spelling list

Spellings Week Beginning 13th January