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At Wootey Junior School we believe that ‘Nurture’ is one of our core school aims. To nurture good, responsible behaviour the children are taught three simple rules which are ‘Be Safe, Be Kind and Be Respectful’. All school behaviour is modelled on these three actions. At the beginning of each school year each class will develop a class charter which will define in more detail how the children will show that they are keeping to these three rules. Class charters will be on display in each classroom and in the school hall.


Our Behaviour Rewards and Sanctions

Each class has a behaviour zones display. Every day each child starts in the Green Zone.

If a child misbehaves they are verbally warned. If they then repeat a similar misbehaviour they are moved down to the Amber Zone. A further breach of the school rules will result in them moving to the Red zone and being sent to a partner class. A member of the school leadership team is also informed.

If a child behaves well they can be moved up the display to the Silver and Gold zones. Children who are in the Gold zone will have behaved exceptionally well all day and will be awarded a gold stamp. They will also generate a house point for their team. If a child collects 25 gold stamps, in a half term, they are entitled to a special prize.


Headteacher Awards

Children who have worked hard and who have excelled at their work can be sent to the Headteacher to receive an ‘Excellent reward’.  The child will receive a gold sticker from the Headteacher. When a child has received 5 gold stickers they will presented with a special enamel ‘Excellent’ badge in assembly. Parents will be invited to watch their child being presented with this badge.




Well done

Class teachers identify children each week who have been ‘seeking the challenge’ in their learning or have followed the school rules effectively. Children are presented a sticker in assembly.




Star of the week

Class teachers identify one child each week who has excelled in their learning or who has shown our Super Hero powers in their learning.


Yellow Jersey

Class teachers nominate one child in their class each week that has either followed the school rules extremely well or who has shown the school's aims in their good deeds. In assembly, each teacher states why each child is worthy of the yellow jersey. The Headteacher will then decide who is deserving of the yellow jersey which can be worn by the child for the following week.


House Teams

At Wootey Junior School we believe all children should be given a sense of belonging within our school community through encouragement to be positive role models and be part of a supportive team.


The House system creates friendly competition, promotes good work and behaviour, encourages teamwork, provides opportunities to take on responsibilities and brings everyone in the school together.


Every child who attends our school is assigned to one of four ‘houses’. Each house is made up of pupils of different ages from Year 3 through to the Year 6.


There are four houses at Wootey Junior School:
  • Red Rashford
  • Yellow Brown
  • Green Radacanu
  • Blue Asher-Smith
House Captains
As part of the wider curriculum at Wootey we understand the importance of providing more opportunities for our older pupils to take responsibility and develop leadership skills. 


The job of the house captains is to take responsibility for the leadership, direction and organisation of their house throughout the forthcoming academic year.  Two Deputy House Captains are also elected for each house to support the House Captains in their duties, such as the running of Behaviour zones point collection.


Wootey Cups

Each term, teachers select only one child to be presented with a cup or shield.  The following cups are awarded to the children:


Aiming High:  ‘For outstanding attitudes to learning’

Bingham Shield:  ‘Excellence in Science’

Birch Cup: ‘Being caring towards others and showing excellent friendship skills’

Guy Farbrother Cup: ‘Being wholeheartedly committed to Reading’ (Boys)

Mary Farbrother Cup: ‘Being wholeheartedly committed to Reading’ (Girls)

Myra Berridge Cup: ‘Excellent learning in Maths’

Rawlings Cup: ‘Superb skills and attitude in sport’

Roberts Shield: ‘Excellence in Art, Music, Drama and Dance.’

Clayton Shield: 'Excellence in Languages'

Seeker Cup: ‘Always seeking the challenge’ (Headteacher’s cup)

Governors Cup: Awarded to children with SEN


The person they pick will have stood out in that particular category.  It is a tremendous honour to be nominated for a Wootey Junior School Cup.