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Learning Power

Building Learning Power or BLP is based on the work of Professor Guy Claxton. It is an approach to learning that is taught across our school and it helps the children:

  • Learn more
  • Become better learners
  • Become lifelong learners


Building Learning Power involves developing the behaviours a child or young person will need to face challenge calmly, confidently and creatively and as a result, give them the life skills that they need for their journey through school and into the real world. We want the children at our school to be lifelong learners and to 'Always seek the challenge'.


We want our children to see learning as a process. For them to see that ability is not a gift or fixed, but something that can be improved with hard work and practice. We want them to know that they are all good at something and that they can get better at the things that they find a challenge. We believe that we need to give our children the skills they need to face whatever career path they take in a future that we may not recognise.


The approach that we take is realistic and accessible to all and it is an approach that can be cultivated at home and school.


The way that we teach these behaviours is the through the 5 Rs.

  • Resilience
  • Resourcefulness
  • Reflectiveness
  • Reciprocity
  • Respect (runs throughout the above).

We call these behaviours our learning powers and associate them with special super hero characters in our school. These characters are called Mr Resilience, Reflective Ruby, Resourceful Warrior and Reciprocity Rosie. We invite the children to emulate these characters each day in their learning.



Building Learning Power