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The key aim for our curriculum is for all our children to develop a positive and dedicated attitude to their learning where they strive to improve on their personal best.  We are always ambitious for the children and this is reflected in our school slogan; ‘Always seek the challenge’.  We are committed to developing a school community that is driven to continuously develop and improve. 

The school’s vision statement defines the school’s values under three key words. These are: Nurture, Challenge and Innovation.

Our curriculum is designed to deliver these values.  Everyone at the school works hard to ensure that all our children are challenged to have the age related skills needed to read, write, calculate with numbers. We also aim our children to enjoy a curriculum that is rich in literature which broadens their vocabulary. We want our children to develop their voice to be able to communicate with confidence their view and understanding of the world.

We aim to nurture our children to be independent, responsible and resilient. We also want our children to extend friendship, respect and kindness to all who they meet. The school’s strong behaviour policy and simple golden rules of ‘Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Respectful’ help us to achieve this. The school also actively seeks to nurture children’s healthy lifestyles, interest in sport and ability to keep safe and happy in our modern world.

In the 21st Century we believe that the most successful learners will be those who are innovative and flexible in their approach to learning. At Wootey we aim to develop enquiring children who are confident to investigate and design solutions.  We are eager to develop these skills through opportunities for our children to be creative and expressive in subjects such as art, dance, music and theatre.

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