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Clubs and Sports

We are proud to offer a broad range of extra-curricular activities every day (before, during and after school).We have been awarded the Sainsburys Gold Kite mark for our games provision. 

Our clubs and sports provide many benefits for our children including developing social skills, building positive relationships, raising self-esteem and helping to build confidence. 

The clubs we offer are extensive and include; Multi-Sports, Cricket, Football, Choir, Running club and Homework club. We also have Hampshire Music company come in to teach individual music lessons and have IRock visit every week. Most recently we have Magic club ran by KetsyMagic, Chess Club, Art club and soon to be Gardening club!


Once SATs week is over, the Y6 children have to opportunity to take part in running club every Wednesday with Mrs Manston. They run 3k around the local area and come back to a lovely breakfast!




Many of our sporting teams take part in local competitions and fixtures.

We have a great history of success with our teams. 


Daily Mile

All our children are encouraged to run for 15 minutes a day as part of a challenge called the 'Daily Mile'. There are huge health and well-being benefits to children exercising regularly outside in the fresh air. On one day a week each year group is given additional time after the morning break to run laps around the outside of our large playground. The laps are then recorded and prizes are awarded at the end of the term for children with the most laps or for those who have improved.

We also have a special end of term fun run around the outside of the Wootey campus.


Here is our Santa fun run at Christmas.


Football Team 2022.23

Sporting Pictures

Swimming Gala

Football Tournament

The Butts Football Tournament

Varsity Rugby

Kabaddi (Intercultural Week)

Wootey A team make it into the local newspaper

Varsity Rugby Match at Twickenham

Alton Basketball Tournament

Hampshire FA League

Basketball at Amery Hill