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Photos of Our Learning

Viking Day 

Year 4 had fun dressing up as Vikings for the day. We made Viking bread and hand churned cream to butter, which made a tasty afternoon snack.  We had a great discussion about if the Vikings were raiders or traders and wrote some fantastic explanations to justify our answers. We also split the children into two tribes and played games to find out which tribe was the strongest. 


Runway's End School trip!

Year 4 went on a fantastic school trip to Runway's End where they participated in a days worth of activities developing essential bush craft skills. The children became at one with nature, enjoying exploring the woodland site, building shelters and practising fire lighting skills.

Runway's End

Pond dipping

Art Day: Andy Goldsworthy

Year 4 have been learning about the Artist Andy Goldsworthy. They have been learning about who he is, what inspires him and his approach to Art and Sculpture.

The children went into their outdoors area to see what natural resources they could find. They then planned and then created their own interpretation of art and sculpture inspired by Andy Goldsworthy.