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Safe Places

Our Butterfly Room

Calm Corner

This is our Calm Corner.


Children are invited to use the calm corner if they need extra help to regulate their emotions. The Calm corner has bean bags, teddies, books and a tool box with resources inside.



I am worried or upset, who can I talk to?


If you are worried or need to talk to someone, you can talk to any of the teachers or learning support assistants in our school. They are all here to help. 


If you would like to talk to someone away from your friends you could ask to talk to an adult in our Butterfly room. This is our safe place in school for children to talk. 

Miss Vincent works in this room, she has the special job to talk to children who are worried or upset about something or might just need a chat. Perhaps you could find her at lunch time and ask to speak to her in the afternoon or speak to another staff member who can pass a message on to Miss Vincent


Worry Box

Worry Box

If you are finding it hard to say something, maybe you can write it down and put it in your class worry box. Every class in school has a worry box!

Just write your worry down and pop it in the box. You can either put your name on it so the teacher can talk to you, or you can leave it anonymous so the teacher is aware of your worry. 

There is something that has happened to me online and it has upset me.

What do I do?


There are lots of great things to do online but sometimes things can go wrong. You may have searched a web page and seen something that has upset or frightened you. You may have been playing a game that you didn't enjoy. You may have been chatting to someone and they have said something to hurt or worry you.


It you are upset or worried after being online you must try to talk to someone. Tell mum or dad. Tell a teacher or someone at school. Don't hide it to yourself, adults really can help. If you feel too embarrassed to say something to someone then maybe this safe place online can help.


There is someone I know who keeps hurting and picking on me in school. Am I being bullied?


It is normal to fall out with friends and to have arguments. It could be a game went wrong. It could be you didn't agree on something you normally like to do with a friend. It could be your friend started playing with someone else and you didn't like it.

It is not a nice feeling if you have fallen out with a friend but this is not being bullied. If you need help to sort things out with a friend, talk to your teacher. It is important to be grown up, say sorry if you have too and see if you can put things behind you.


If someone is always calling you names, making fun of you, stealing things from you or hurting you, then you may be being bullied. It is important to remember is this happening a lot over a number of days and weeks? If this is happening, then it must stop. Be brave and talk to any grown up you know. Bullying will be stopped if Mr O'Brien or Mrs Manston know.


If you don't think you can talk to an adult you know, this safe place online may be able to help you.