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ACAN Competition

Our children yesterday took part in an assembly led by the Alton Climate Action Network (ACAN). The children learnt about the current crisis our world faces due to climate change and the impact of pollution and plastics in our ecosystem.


The children were asked to take some small steps towards changing their behaviour to help our environment. These included using refillable water bottles, growing our own vegetables and using less plastic.


The children were also challenged to enter a competition to create a new cartoon super hero that has special powers to protect and look after our world. The competition details are below.


Please encourage your child to take part in the competition. It would make a fun half term activity! Entries can be returned to school.


Please submit your entry back to your school by: FRIDAY 3RD APRIL 2020


Dear Parents

Recently, Sir David Attenborough announced in an interview with the BBC that the ‘moment of crisis has come’.  Our planet needs us all to work together now to help ensure its future.  The ‘Design an Eco-Hero’ competition is open to primary-aged children in the Alton area, with the aim of engaging children and their families in conversation about simple ways in which to save the planet. From using refillable water bottles to growing our own vegetables, we can all be eco-heroes; an Eco-Hero is an ordinary person who cares for our planet and is helping to save it.

Supporting this competition is ACAN (Alton Climate Action and Network), ALFI (Alton Local Food Initiative), Ginny Boxall, Climate Champion for EHDC and Frankie Morland, writer and singer of the song ‘World in Danger’ which is also published as a book by DK with the same title – see Youtube:


  • There are two categories: 4-7 (Foundation Stage/KS1) and 7-11 (KS2).
  • Entries should be submitted on a piece of A4 paper to your school by FRIDAY 3RD APRIL 2020, with the following information clearly labelled:

      Child’s Name and Age
    • School and Year Group
  • Be Creative! The ‘Eco-Hero’ can be represented either as an original drawing, painting or even as a photograph, either of the child dressed up as an Eco-Hero or a 3D object created by the child (e.g. a Lego model or junk model) The Eco-Hero’s special clothes, tools and powers should be clearly labelled.
  • First Prize winners in each category (Foundation Stage/KS1 & KS2) will win a selection of age-appropriate books linked to the environment, including a signed copy of ‘World in Danger’ by Frankie Morland.
  • Runners-Up in each category (Foundation Stage/KS1 & KS2) will win a signed copy of ‘World in Danger’ by Frankie Morland.

An exhibition of the entries will be displayed at the Eco-Fair on July 12th in the Public Gardens, Alton. Prizes will be awarded by Frankie Morland, writer and singer of ‘World in Danger’ at the Eco-Fair on July 12th.