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Monday 29th January 2024


Dear Parents/Carers,


RE: Attendance


At the start of this term we have seen an unprecedented increase in children’s absence from school. Most of the children off school have been unwell and we understand that winter viruses are very prevalent at the moment. If your child is genuinely unwell then they must be at home to recover. However, if your child is just a bit under the weather we want to encourage parents to still send your child to school.


We can administer Calpol with your permission and we will never keep a child in school for a whole day if they deteriorate, especially if they run a temperature.


It is vitally important for your child to be in school, even half a day can make a difference. Children who miss 10% or more of lessons quickly fall behind and their academic progress really suffers. If your child has a mild illness such as a cough or cold, please inform our office team who will monitor and take care of your child throughout the day.


I thank you for your support in this matter.


Yours sincerely,



Mr Tim O’Brien