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Home Learning Update

Friday 1st May 2020


Dear Parents/ Carers,


RE: Home Learning Update


I hope that you are all well despite the frustration of a further week of ‘lockdown’. As a parent and as a Headteacher, I understand the pressure of keeping your child at home during this time. In particular I know how challenging it is to encourage your child to continue with their learning! I would like thank you for your support and to say we how delighted we have been to see so many children sharing their work with their teachers.


In the past couple of weeks I am sure you will have noticed a change in the tone to the work and tasks teachers have given to the children. We are conscious that although our children are at home it is still our duty to try to deliver key aspects of the national curriculum. The national curriculum is compulsory and we are very mindful that children do not fall behind in their educational journey which could inhibit their future success. I am sure, as parents, you are concerned about this too.


To this end, I would like to help make it clearer to parents which tasks and work we view as having the most importance for your child’s learning. We will now grade future work and tasks as A, B or C.


A=This is important to learn

B=This is good to learn

C=This is fun to learn


The aim of this grading system is to help parents understand which work is the most valuable at this time. We also hope this will make it clearer to parents where you may wish to support your child.


On Monday we will be issuing a new pack of work which can be collected from the school from 9:00am. The pack can be considered as ‘A’ work. Please complete the survey below so that we can safely organise the your collection. 


Last week we also launched a new online resource called SeeSaw. This application enables our teachers to give your child feedback about their work. We have had some great response. However, please only send your child’s written English work to the teacher via SeeSaw.


I again would like to thank you for your continued support with children’s home learning. If you can encourage your child to work at some point each day it is greatly appreciated. If you are finding things challenging and would like more support, please contact the school office and we can arrange for one of our staff to telephone you.




Hopefully we will be welcoming the children back to school in the not too distant future.


Yours sincerely,




Mr O’Brien