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National Lockdown

Tuesday 3rd November 2020


Dear Parent/ Carer,


RE: Forthcoming National Lockdown


This Thursday, England will go in to a full national lockdown. It is both a worrying and anxious time for all of us. For this second lockdown the government has decided that all schools will remain open. They believe there is moral imperative to ensure that all children continue to receive their education. I fully support this sentiment. There is also compelling medical evidence that children, especially at primary age, are incredibly unlikely to suffer significant ill health from Coronavirus.

This is one of the few mercies this virus has shown us.


On Thursday we will continue to operate our school as normally as possible.


We have no plans to alter any of the health and safety arrangements that we currently have in place. We continue to ask that parents support this by maintaining good social distancing before and after school. Please note that parents must not congregate or chat in small groups. The law now only allows for people to meet one other person outdoors. Parents are not allowed on to the school site unless with prior agreement. Masks must always be worn.


With regards to our before and after school provision this also remains unchanged although we are carefully monitoring the government’s guidance on peripatetic teaching. There is the possibility that our clubs may need to cease in the near future.


Although the likelihood of children becoming very ill is remote, I do understand the real concerns that some parents may now have about continuing to send their children to school. If you are worried please do not hesitate to contact either myself or a member of the school leadership team. We will do everything to listen to and address your concerns.


We are also acutely aware that some families may now be experiencing significant financial hardship as a consequence of this pandemic. Once again, please do speak to us. Mrs Rossiter, in our school office, is very supportive and may be able to offer advice and practical support.


The next few weeks will be challenging for us all. I have confidence though that we will come through this period successfully if we show the same patience and kindness we all did in the first lockdown. Back then we applauded the NHS and keyworkers for a number weeks. There was a strong recognition of the sacrifice and risk that these groups of people were making.


This lockdown may not be the same but I do hope there is a similar understanding that our teachers are keyworkers. They will be doing everything they can to keep your child safe and enjoying their learning but in tremendously difficult circumstances. Please be patient and kind to them.


I thank you for your continued support and hope you and your family keep safe in the coming weeks.


Yours sincerely,


Mr Tim O’Brien