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NEU Industrial Action

Thursday 26th January 2023

Dear Parents/Carers


RE: NEU Industrial Action


You will no doubt have heard in the news that the trade union NEU has asked its members to take industrial strike action on a number of days this term. This call for strike action only applies to staff who are members of the NEU. The potential dates which could affect our school and other local schools are as follows:


Wed 01 Feb ; Thurs 02 March ; Wed 15 March ; Thurs 16 March


On the Wednesday 1st February there are some classes which will be closed for the day or for part of the day. Lessons may also be taught by our support staff rather than qualified teachers too. These closures follow after the school has completed an extensive risk assessment process.




Year 3 Koala


Closed all day

Year 3 Panda

Closed all day

Year 4

Children in Pelican class need to be collected promptly at 1pm

(a further email will be sent confirming the class list)

Year 5 Elephant

Open all day

Year 5 Rhino

Children need to be collected promptly at 1pm

Year 6 Jaguar

Children need to be collected promptly at 1pm

Year 6 Tiger

Open all day


The Early Bird breakfast club will remain open as will the after school club at the Infants.


Please note that class closures may still be subject to change at short notice. Our staffing may be affected by the closure of other local schools.


As Headteacher, I share the concerns raised by the NEU which have led to their call for strike action. I also recognise the right to strike of any staff member who wishes to pursue these aims in line with their union’s advice. I appreciate this action causes inconvenience and disruption but trust that parents and our community will respect and support our teachers in exercising their right to strike too.


If you have any further queries please do make contact and someone from school will get back to you.


Yours sincerely,



Mr Tim O’Brien