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NEU Industrial Action

Dear Parents and Carers,

As you may be aware the NEU teaching union is beginning a series of strikes. Their dispute is with the government about its overall funding of education in the long term and its below inflation pay award partially funded from existing school budgets instead of by the DfE. Their dispute is not with Wootey Junior School. The strike action is planned for 1st February, 2nd March (in our region), 15th March and 16th March.


We must anticipate the strike action causing disruption to the school’s provision of education as this is its intention. It is possible that a decision to partially close to some children or fully close to all can only be taken on the morning of each strike. Decisions about partial or full closure will be driven by the risk assessment of children i.e. whether we have sufficient staff to supervise children in all their lessons and at break and lunchtime.


We are aware of the uncertainty inevitably involved about what will happen on 1st February and will communicate updates as soon as possible this week.


Thank you for your patience and cooperation in these circumstances.


Best wishes,