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School Provision Next week

Dear Parent/ Carer,


RE: Safe School Provision


The school will close today and reopen on Monday to provide a safe school provision for certain children. Wherever possible children should stay at home. However, we will be providing a childcare service for the following:

  • Children where adults in the household are key workers
  • Children with an Education and Health Care Plan where school attendance is deemed by the Headteacher to be in the child's best interests
  • Vulnerable children as determined by the Headteacher
  • Children who have a Social Worker

The government have published a list of key workers. Please read the document via this link.


If you feel you that you qualify as a key worker, please inform us by 3:15pm today so that we can arrange sufficient staffing. Whilst some schools are stipulating that all parents must be key workers, we trust that parents will only ask for childcare if it is absolutely necessary. I reiterate the government guidance states that ‘if it is at all possible for children to be at home, then they should be.’ Please understand that our staffing is limited and will become more so. This is why we really appreciate all you can do to only take up a place if really needed.


A further letter confirming the operational details of the provision will be sent out this evening for those children attending.


Yours sincerely,




Mr O’Brien