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"Hi Perdy
We have been at the witterings with the dogs and auntie charlie and uncle Chris we were all waving at you on the Isle of Wight. Hope you are having an amazing time and that your knee is feeling a bit better. Love you mum and dad"


" To Hannah Primrose
We hope you have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY today and are enjoying your trip.
Lots of love from
Nanny and Papa xx "


"Good morning Logan W!! Hope you had an absolutely amazing first day and managed at least some sleep last night. Your siblings are already missing you, although Charlie and Lex will never admit it. I am also already missing my 'good' child hahaha!! We all hope you have the best day today, make some memories gorgeous boy and please dont forget to put on your deodorant daily!! Love you millions!! Enjoy xxxx Mum xxxx "


"Dear Calvin,  Hope your having the best time we miss you x x "


"Dear Lucas, We hope you’re having a wonderful time. We miss you but know you’ll be having so much fun. Love you soooooo much xxx "


"Hello Maryanne-joy, wow what a wonderful first day! Amazon World looks fantastic you will have to take us there. Miss you lots.... Its so quiet here, no one is singing! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸŽΆ We all love you lots, Mum xxx "


"Hello Wootey junior.. I enjoyed looking at all the photos from yesterday.
It looks like you all had fun.
Hope you all had a good night sleep and is ready for more adventure.

Special hello to Miguel. Enzo was looking for you last night :-)

Have a good day everyone .
Thank you to all the teachers"


" Happy Birthday Hannah Banana. Lots of love from uncle Mikey stuck out in California. Have a fun and awesome day xxx "


"We would love to wish Hannah Primrose the happiest of birthdays for tomorrow.
We look forward to eating all the cake with you on your second birthday on Saturday!
Happy birthday Hannah. Love Charley and Archie. "


"Happy Birthday Hannah! We hope you have a great time away. Love Chris, Charlotte, Emma & Oliver x "


"Happy birthday Hannah!! Hope you have a great day!
Lots of love Auntie Lizzie, Uncle Mikey, Cody, Oscar, Sophie, Ryan and Freddie xxxx "


"Happy Birthday Hannah!! Have the most awesome day! Love from Mum, Stu, Rebecca, Daniel and Jasper xxx "


" Hello Ellena,
We hope you had a good first night away and are enjoying yourself. Love from Mum, Dad, Robyn, Barney and Joey "


" Hi Lucy
Have a fantastic trip this week. Looks like you have been having fun already.  Keep laughing. Love,   
Aunty Ann "


"Hello, lovely year 6, teachers and helpers. We hope you are all having a brilliant second day of adventures on the island. We all wish we were there with you. Have fun and make memories that last a lifetime x   from Corey's mum"


"Dear Enya
Hope you had a great first day at the villa
It’s sooo quiet without you missing you already xx  Helen Paddy and Nell"


" Hi Louis, I hope you and your friends had a great 1st day on the Isle of Wight.
We have had a quiet afternoon after school without you and Joshua arguing πŸ€ͺ
Charlie has moved into your bed for the week, hope you don't mind ;-)
Enjoy the rest of your week
Love Mum,Dad,Charlie,Joshua and Violet xx "


"Hi Lily! Hope you are all having a wonderful time. It’s quiet at home without you! Have a wonderful week xx "


"Dear Lucy,

Did you get  cold on the ferry?

And hope you aren't  missing me too much.

Have a fabulous time - enjoy the sun, sea, sand and hopefully some sleep! 


"Hi Enya have a GREAT week ENJOY😁

From Dad"


" Hello Enya and Co,
Just wanted to say hope you all have a good week :)
Love you and miss you,
From Lucas x "


"Hey Ethan!!

Hope we're not jumping the gun and sending these messages too soon but we're certain that you're having a fabulous time.

We're missing you a gazillion already!

Love you LOTS -
Dad, mom, Abi and your cricket bat xx "


" I found Josiah's pot of chewing gum on the kitchen side.  Is it o.k if Elisha has a chew on it while he is away?

Just to clarify the chewing gum has already been chewed for about 4 days "