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Woohoo! We are over half way through the week! Yesterday was a tad alteration to the schedule of events as we had been informed the steps to the beach at Alum Bay had to be closed for emergency repair. No worries though as we set off for the Owl and Monkey Haven instead. We had only just arrived when the howler monkeys signalled their welcoming screeches which left most of our children replicating them. Effectively, we had brought along an additional 47 monkeys for the zoo! We were really lucky to have a small talk about Bo (the tawny owl) and the children had their photograph taken afterwards.


After a spot of lunch we headed to Tapnell Farm for an enjoyable afternoon - basically just a way to try and tire the children out before bed.


Evening was followed by crazy golf. Please can someone teach Maryanne and Lincoln how to play?! Every time either child 'smashed' the golf ball it went flying. After golf was followed by the coldest swim in the sea to date.


Now for this morning...


We gave the children a lie-in today, with the morning knock-on-the-door alarm postponed until 7.15am. However, most were already up, dressed and ready to go. WHY CAN'T THESE CHILDREN SLEEP? Everyone seems full of beans, looking forward to breakfast, and keen to find out the activities for today. One boy was literally full of beans after eating an entire plate of only baked beans for his breakfast. Mr McKell has asked if he can bypass his room during the next room inspection, leaving his lucky room-mates to suffer the consequences.


"Hi Enya, Hope you are enjoying your trip and having a great time. See you next week. Nana and Grandad. "


"Hey my son...hope you are having a super time. The owl you where standing next is pretty cool. Remember the one I had sitting on my shoulder in SA...cause the guide just fed him and said it takes 2 minutes for the food to come out the other side...oops too much info :). We are really missing tons and keep enjoy yourself. We put your bat in your bed cause it is getting lonely and missing Abi, Mom, Dad, Dotty and ofcourse your Bat...:). "


"Only 2 more sleeps then guess what? - You are going to the Isle of Wight for the weekend. Won't that be fun. Josiah's mum."


"Hi Bubs,
Looks like you are having an amazing time!  Pleased that you haven't broken the habit of going to bed late and getting up early.  I know that you are probably concerned about the safety of your sweet stash - don't worry, Oscar hasn't found them - yet! See you soon, Mummy, Daddy, Oscar, Daisy, Seth, Elias, Watson, Sebastien, Hugo, Doris, Marshmallow, Randy Orton, Jon Cena,Boris, Clyde and Lancelot! X "


"Hello Miguel.
You were so brave to hold the snake!!
Looks like you’re having a great time. We are very jealous
By the way, I think Enzo misses you. He insist to sleep in your bed
(You’ll have to sleep in the couch when you get back)
We love you.... to the moon and back xxx
Love, dad, mum and enzo 🥰 "


"Hi Ellena
We are loving the photos of everyone, it looks like you are all having a fantastic time !!  We are all missing you here including the dogs, it is very strange without you.  Continue to have fun and we can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back. 
Lots of love Mum, Dad and Robyn xx "


" Hoi Ellie!
Immy is clearly missing you - she was playing Minecraft of her own free will! We're sure that your sandcastle creation was a sight to behold!
Lots of love from Mummy and Dan (and Gandalf the hamster).


" Hi Lincoln, it looks like you are having a great time. We’ve loved following your time there. Enjoy the rest of your stay love nana & grandad xx "


"Hey Tom ,
Olly wanted to say he misses his Big Brother and has missed singing to you as he knows how much you like it.
Hope you are having the best time , it looks amazing, think we will keep the itinerary so we can repeat it another time.
Have a great Thursday and Friday and we look forward to hearing all about it.
Love you Mum, Dad and Olly xxx "


"Wow ! it looks like you are all having an amazing time. Hope you all enjoy the rest of the week ...
Riley we miss you loads . Lots of love
Mum and Noah xxx "


" Loving reading the updates They make me chuckle, Calvin the boys are missing you terribly as am I, the boys even resulting in putting Max in your bed last night so it wasn’t empty when they looked over, sounds and looks like your having a great time, see you soon love Mum x x "


"Hello Lily,
It looks like your have a great time, lots of lovely pictures, hope your having fun love you lots lily love dad"


"Hi Hannah P, 
We hope you are enjoying your trip.
Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday :)
Love Nanny & Papa x "


"Enya......paddy is very impressed with your tree climbing skills and wondered if you wanted at job at EFL??? Monkey girl mum xx "


Dear Enya, 
Lovely pictures of you all, it looks like you are all having a great time!! Don’t forget to bring me a stick of rock home!!
Love you lots like Jelly Tots
Mum xx "


" Hi Perdy
Hope your leg is improving ? We were near you for two days on the beach at the witterings think the dogs would have swim over if they had know you were so near. Hope you are having a blast I am off to London until Saturday tomorrow doing our fundraiser will be thinking of you love mum and dawgs and dad ps meg and Aaron moved into their new home and cannot wait for you to see it love u xx "


" Hi Poppy
I can see you are having a great time.  Is that a new cuddly toy you have got????   Your Mum will be delighted!
I was at your house yesterday....your bedroom is soooo tidy. We had supper in the garden and it was very, very quiet without you.  Have fun.  Nana xxx "

"Hi Lincoln,
Looks like you and your friends are having an amazing time. We’re enjoying the pictures.
Maisie has moved into your room and is loving the big bed.
Thea keeps looking for you. Enjoy the needles today.
We miss you.
Lots of love Mum, Dad, Maisie & Thea xxxxxxx "


"Corey, the neighbour has been round complaining she has overslept EVERY MORNING so far this week. Apparently, she relies on the daily alarm of "COREY WILL YOU GET OUT OF BED" repeated 10 times with increasing volume, followed by the simultaneous ringing of the doorbell and Jelly barking when Joe arrives. She's not happy!
PS: We all love you loads xxx
PPS: The bit about the neighbour is a joke, as I know you'll think I'm serious! "


"Hi Lucy
Looks like you found a friend today. Did you manage to turn their frown upside down. Keep smiling
Love Aunty Ann"


" Hi Lucy, hope you are having a great time and enjoying your time away! Love Granny and Grandad "


"Hi Lucas,
Jess and I are enjoying looking at the photos of everyone every evening. I especially loved the one where you were stood next to the owl. I think you could become an amazing love animals so much. (Although I know you tuber wins at the moment lol)
Jess wants to let you know she misses you lots and lots....and I do too...soooooo much. It doesn’t seem right at home without you here.
We can’t wait to see you tomorrow afternoon, enjoy Blackgang Chine, I loved it thee as a kid.
Love you gorgeous boy, from mum and Jess xxxxxxxxxxxx "


"Hi Leyla, looks like you’re all having fun, the photo updates are great, well done all involved. Mum says it’s very quiet at home and I from what I gather Storm is missing both of us!
I’ve been to 5 of the shows (so far) on this tour so not all bad and now only have 3 flights left to do! Can’t wait to see you Tuesday when I get back from Tel Aviv.
Hope you carry on enjoying your trip and you aren’t living on sweets!
See you soon, Love Dad xx "


"Good morning Loags,
Looks as though you had another amazing day yesterday, love seeing the pics of you all having fun, after the year we've had so far, you most certainly deserve it!! I hope you have another great day today, although the weather is pants!! Looking forward to giving you the biggest hug tomorrow, love you, mum xxxxxx "


"Hi lily
I just woke up. The house 🏡 is very and very quiet without you here. Love you xxxxxxxx"


"Hello Maryanne-joy xx, we all miss you so much but so pleased you are having a wonderful time. Josephine and jamila wish they were with you doing it all again. Have a great time a Black Gang Chine today... Remember my favourite place 😊 and imagine me screaming on the rolla coaster. Enjoy the amazing views we all love you so so much Mum, Josephine, Jamila, Luke-Joy, Joy and Harrison and Grandma and Grandad xxxxxx "


"WOW Wednesday was certainly fun filled! Absolutely loved all the pictures :-)
Missing you lots Louis and Violet is missing her morning cuddles with big brother! Can't wait to see you tomorrow! Enjoy today and dont forget to bring the boys a little pressie back!
Love you lots mum xxx "


" Hi Kieran
I love the picture of you standing next to the owl. Hope you have a great day at black gang chine don't forget we all want to hear what it is like there as none of us have been before. Hope the amount of times you are losing your bottle in a day is improving lol. I can't wait to see you on Friday. Oh and great to see you actually wearing your sun hat and glasses please keep it.
Lots of love mum "


"Hi Leyla beyla! You having fun? Me and Mummy had jam doughnuts last night and we didn’t have to have yucky custard doughnuts 🤢! Love Lewis "


"Miss you lots ! Ps: cat took over your bed! Love you! Mum "


" Morning Loag (k),
Have a fab day at Blackgang Chine today. On that note - here’s a bad joke from
‘What’s the fastest ride at the theme park.....?
The carousel- it has the most horse power!’
You’re welcome
Can’t wait to see you tomorrow - big,big love mum, dad & willow x "


" Hi mikey.
Great to see you’ve been having a fab time.
It looks amazing!
We look forward to hearing all about it.
Safe journey home son.
We’ve missed you very much.
Love dad and Emily x "


"Hi Charlie SM
Looks like your having a lovely time can't wait to hear. All about it oh and I've sold your XBOX for a bag of chips.....only joking see you Friday love DAD xx "


"Hi Leyla, strange choice of trousers, maybe next time you will let me help with packing your bag! Great photos, have a great last day! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! Love Mum x "


"Can't wait to see you later Corey-Corey. We've missed you loads. I was so pleased to see that you've finally changed your top today. We were beginning to think that an evil person had sewn you into the year 6 leavers hoodie as part of some cruel joke, as you've had it on all week until today!

PS: loving the metal horns in the photos ;) "


" Hi Hannah Butcher
We miss you and we will see you soon love mummy and daddy xxx"


"Hi Pops
Looks like you have had an amazing week.
Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow but not the washing in your suitcase !
Have a lovely last day.
Love Mum "


" Hi Joe!
Wow! You and your mates have had such an awsome week! Well done to all the teachers and helpers for surviving too! Looking forward to you coming home tomorrow! We have all missed you! Love Mum xxxx"


" Hi Lincoln
I hope your having an amazing time at the Isle of Wight with all your friends. I wish I was there having all the fun your having.
Enjoy your last day and I can’t wait for you to come back.
Lots of Love Maisie  Xxx


" Hi Hannah P. Hope you are having a great time, cant wait to see you tomorrow!! Lots of love from Mum xxxx"


" Hi Lucas! We hope you're having an amazing trip, cant wait to see you and hearing all about it! Weve missed you loads - love Dad and Jess! Xxx "


"Hi Ellena
We are now back from our holiday and have missed you lots.  It looks like you and your friends are having a great time and we can’t wait to see you over the weekend.  Love you lots Nanny Lady and Grandad. Xxx "


"Hope you are having an amazing time Wingers. Missing you tonight as we celebrate Nanny's Birthday.Make the most of your last day.
See you Saturday you little legend,
Lots of love always,  Auntie Sally. Xxx "


"Hi babe looks like I have had lots of fun missing u millions love mum"


"Hi Louis its Charlie here. Wednesday looked like loads of fun. Josh has slept in your bed last night, hope you dont mind?! From Charlie
"Your bed is comfy" from Josh xx "


"Hi Jaz, pleased to see you are still smiling in all the photos! Your brother is missing you loads and the dragon is on hunger strike. We are sending this from San Francisco Pete asked us over for a while... you know where the key is.:)
Mum, Dad and lots of love from Connor. "


" Hi Alfie,
Looks like you're having a great time, can't wait to hear all about it. See you when you get back.
Lots of love Nanny Lyn & Maisy "


"Hi Loags!!
Its Boycey..!!
Thought I'd send you a quick message to put a smile on your face....but looks like you're having the most awesome time!
Don't worry...I'm keeping Mum smiling with my usual conversation topics!
We also went to the gym together last night and worked on my bingo wings!
Big love buddy...
Boycey xxxx "


"Hello Lily
It is very quite without you in the house, dont rush back because you have loads of clothes to put away ha ha lots of love your darling sister Evie "


"Hey my boy...nearly home time for you and the crew. Time has gone so quickly this week but also been long if that makes sense. Looking at all the photos, there was so much that was done and seen. Hope it was brilliant and cannot wait to hear all about it tomorrow. Love lots my boy and see you tomorrow...from Mom, Abi, Dotty, Dad and you know who else :). "