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Well we have made it to day three! I am pleased to announce that the '4.30am Brigade' have slightly improved and were up at 5.59am. An improvement but still a long way from perfect. The rest of the rooms seem to be asleep by 11pm and remaining quiet until 7am.


The children had fun at Robin Hill Country Park. Highlights included Charlie 'falling' down the Squirrel Tower and landing in a rather uncomfortable position, aka stuck. Riley made the poor decision to go on the toboggan run with Calvin - Riley wanted the slow and steady ride but Calvin had control of the leaver! Ms Vincent screamed so loudly on the 4D simulator that she was told off and Mrs McPherson was caught drinking a cappuccino whilst her group were bouncing on Jungle Heights. Mr McKell got lost and was found telling a group of children off - he still does not know the children he was telling off are not from Wootey!


We enjoyed the theatre show in the evening - many children showing off their new dance moves.


We will continue to update as and when we can!


"Jake and Mia hope you are having an amazing time, it sure is different with out you both here!! Enjoy yourselves and make some wonderful memories. Lots of love Mummy xxx P.S Fred and Bella are keeping your beds warm 😂 not really Jake George is in yours 😂 xxx "


"Hey Ethan
Just wanted to send you a hello from all of us. The house is so quiet without you which makes me think, YOU must be the one who does all the snoring ;-)  Have a fab day. Love you trizillion -
Abi, dad, mom and.... YOUR CRICKET BAT xx "


" Hey Loags, Its looking as though you are having an amazing time, and the weather looks beautiful! I cannot believe that you weren't allowed a Costa on the crossing, I mean, how rude!! Haha!! Your laptop is having withdrawals, wandering why for the first time in months it hasnt been switched on in over 24 hours!! Please remember to wear socks with your trainers, otherwise I will feel so sorry for your roommates having to endure the stench of your feet! Charlie, Lexie, Regan and Paislee are all well, although Regan is constipated and keeps randomly vomiting as a result, such a joy!! We are all missing you loads, love you so much kiddo, have fun!! Mum xxxxxxxx "


"Hi Leyla, you all look like you had a fabulous second day. I am slightly jealous I can’t be 11 again! It’s very quiet here, and Lewis is missing you even if he won’t admit it. Daddy says ‘Hi’ from Austria and is loving the photos.

Make the most of the rest ot the week and have fun!"


" Hello Maryanne-Joy
Looks like you are having loads of fun. I hope the food is good and you manage to get some rest. No doubt you will be thinking up treat opportunities for when I next see you! Lots of love Grandma x "


" Good to see you wearing your hat Lucy (at least some of the time)...more hat wearing tomorrow please Y6!  Mum x"


" Hey Joe! Hope you are having an awesome time! The day you arrived on the Isle of Wight, Uncle Simon, Auntie Stasie, Henri and Charlotte were on their way on the Ferry to France sailing past, they all waved for you and Henri wanted to visit you.... he was disappointed that it couldn’t happen!! Hone is very quiet without you. Lily doesn’t know what the fuss is about as she says ‘he’s back Friday! Not like he’s gone forever ‘. Let’s face it, you didn’t really expect anything less!! Can’t wait to hear about all your adventures and stories when you get home. Enjoy the rest of the week and see you Friday. Love Mum and Dad xxx "


" Hope you are having a great time I am missing your cheeky grin in the mornings. All the family says hi and hope you are having loads of fun and creating lots of memories. Hope you have great time at the needles tomorrow. Please can you remember your sun cream and hat. Oh and just how many times have you mis laid your bottle since being over there lol
Lots of love mum and all the family"


"To Corey, having a great time? We had fish and chips tonight - and you don't get any! ha ha ha ha.
I'm just a little bit missing you. Are you going to send me a postcard? Is this embarrassing?
Lots of love   Beanie xxxx "


"Hi Hannah
your room is looking good and it is very quiet here too
love mum and dad "


"No suprise to see you were in the early gang Freddy! Poor staff! Have a great rest of the week guys. Dad x "


" Hi cheesecake [Freddy], please can you stay there, because of the following reasons:
1 I get sweets.
2 I watch TV.
And yes, that's all of them."


"Hello Freddy, it's Mum, Billy & Bess (woof) here! I'll try not to embarrass you too much, but just wanted to check you'd showered, changed your clothes, hadn't eaten all of your sweets and still had some spending money for the next few days? :)

No, seriously, have you?

Only joking...HAVE FUN! (It's very quiet without you...)
Take care X "


" Josiah

I found a pair of your pants in the shower room. Again! Not acceptable. Hopefully, no one on the Isle of Wight trip will get to hear about it. :D


PS - I think it's your day to water the plants, so... "


"Hi Charlie SM.
It looks like you are having the best time! We are all jealous right now!
Enjoy yourself and we will see you on Friday!
xx "


Have a great time, lots of love from mum, dad and Cuba!!! "


"Hope you all enjoy Robin Hill Country Park

Ryan you will have to tell Pops if the Assault Course is still there as he and I had a race over it when I was young - a long time ago!!!

Love Mum "


"Hi Ollie, just wanted to let you know that all your Marvel figures are still in one piece!

Poppy said last night "I hope Ollie is back for Christmas, but if not, I can have his presents and his marvel toys"

Really pleased to see you're all having fun, we miss you loads, the house isn't as funny without you!

Have an amazing week, lots of love Mum, Nathan, Abbie, Ella, Poppy and Nanny xxx "


" Hi Tom,
You are your friends look like you are having a great time. Have a fantastic week.
Love Mum, Dad and Olly x "


" Hi Khloe.
Looks like your having a fabulous time.
Great seeing all the pictures.
Keyes said don't get sunburnt ☀️🌝.
Lots of luv Nanna and Keyes  xxx "


" Hi Logan looks like you are having a great time, hope you have kept hold of your water bottle! Love you loads.  Nan "


" Morning Loag! Imagine how happy it made me to see
Pics of you wearing your hat yesterday?! This reassures me that you CAN listen! I wonder if you’ll hear me when you’re home and I ask you to empty the dishwasher?
I’m kidding,
Love u so much. Have a great day! Mum, dad & willow x "


" hi jo hope you are having a fun time love mum a d will "


"Hi Lucas,
Miss you lots already. Yesterday we (me and mum) went into the pool for the first time!It would have been much more fun with you, but it was still fun.Love you lots and lots,Jess

Hey Lucas, hope you’re having fun on the trip! Missed you when I came round last night, make sure you make it a trip to remember! Love, Harry "


"Hi Louis and all of year 6! Looks like you have had the BEST few days already! Enjoy the Needles today:-) Cannot wait to see more pictures of your adventures!

Miss you lots

Loads of love Mum,dad,charlie,joshua & violet xxxxxxxx "


"Hi Louis its Charlie, your bed is soooooo comfy your not having it back ;-)
Violet is missing you lots see you on Friday! Xx "


"Dear Hannah Butcher. Im so sorry - i have only just worked out how to access all the photos and its halfway through the week so ive got a lot to go through . Me and daddy have been doing lots of swearing in your new bedroom - you know why. Lee next door has been enjoying the content very much! He didnt realise mummy knew that much french. The cats are missing you - poor Georgie didnt know what to do when i dismantled your old bed he was most upset. Sarah got shut in the car again tonight and set the alarm off during Emmerdale. Me and daddy hope you are having a smashing time weve just been so busy here but miss u lots especially in the evenings we sit n cry during the adverts. Anyway i will stop writing now as its nunnights and tomorrow is thurs and i gotta finish your room! Dad says no food or drink in your new room i said get a grip man. Goodnight my little squirrel xxx "