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Dear Parents/Guardians,


We have made it through day one! I am sorry to report that we had only just left school when Mr McKell announced that he had left his wallet in his car - looks like it will be the children buying him ice creams this year. Ms Vincent was coach sick within the first seven minutes and spent the remainder of her time sat leaning over the dreaded orange sick bucket. Mr Wallis decided it would be good fun to engage the children in some singing - if I hear the 'Muffin' song or 'The Crumble' song one more time I might just cry. Mrs McPherson seems to be relishing in the fact she is driving - alright for some!


The ferry crossing was pleasant. Some of the girls believe they saw a flamingo but we have our doubts. Calvin and Logan W were bitterly disappointed to be told they could not have a Costa on the crossing whilst the adults tucked into hot chocolate and flapjacks. As far as we are aware, no child fell overboard but we will do a headcount at some point before Friday. If we have lost a child, just let us know which animal from Tapnell Farm or the Monkey Haven you would like as a replacement. 


Amazon World Zoo was indeed a triumph again this year - and by that I mean the children enjoyed rushing around the animals in ten minutes to spend over two hours in the play park! Oh well, at least some of us enjoyed the sloths, armadillos, tapirs and exotic animals. 


I will not mention any names but one child whose surname resembles monarchy has misplaced his water bottle 7 times so far. Another child came running out of their room with a sanitary towel enquiring as to why it had been left in their room - the boy in question was reassured he would not need it! 


I am sorry to report parents that comments from the children's dinner included:

"This is the best food ever"

"This is soooooooooo delicious"

"I wish my mum could cook" (our favourite)


Most children were asleep by 10.30pm with the exception of one room. As mentioned previously, I will not mention names but I have included a photograph below! It would not be so bad but they are right next door to me! Oh, and not only did they not get to asleep until around midnight, they were awake for 4.30am. YES - you did read that correctly: 4.30am. 4.30am! 

Pictured above, the delightful children awake at 4.30am.


"Morning big guy <3 Hope you slept well and enjoyed the zoo - did you see any of your relatives?

Have a lekker today and remember, we love you bazillions.

Only 3 more sleepies :-)

Love lots -
Abi, dad, mom and.... Your bat xx "


" Hi Loag, everyone,

Wow, looks like you’re having an amazing time -
Thank you for the photos - so lovely to see all your happy faces!

Logan PLEASE put a hat on! Or suncream? Both would be amazing - but i’ll take one of the two as Being a win......

It’s VERY quiet at home - we miss you. Hope you slept ok?

Have the best time today. Will be thinking of you while We are at work & school.......!!

Big, big love Mum, Dad, Willow and koopa x "


"Hi year 6 i hope you all had a wonderful first day and are enjoying yourself away from parents I hope you all have a excellent week.
Dylan I’m super proud of you and hope you are having so much fun"


"Oi Calvin,hope you’re having fun on the Isle of Wight.It’s so fun without you at home.By the way,we are having Cottage Pie tomorrow and we are NOT saving you any :)
I kind of miss you but not that much to write it in words.Try not to stress out Mr Wallis.
From your amazing beautiful sister Bronwyn x
P.s I hate you :) jk "


"Hi Logan,
I’m missing you a lot. Sorry mum wrote you such a long note this morning, It must be really embarrassing !😂
Love,willow 💕 "


" Morning Calvin, it is so weird here not getting your crumpets ready for you, the boys found it strange no one in your bed last night and even asked me to sleep in there, hope you have another great day and see you in 3 , love you x x "


Have a great time, lots of love from mum, dad and Cuba!!! "